Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oslos Bratteste (2012)

Race #43 2012 - 2.7km - 22:28.8 - Saturday 29th of September

Oslos Bratteste has become one of my favourite events through out the racing season. The organisers is doing a brilliant job, and I have nothing but positive things to say about this happening. A huge thanks to Slevik IL for making this into such a great competition.

It's a very social event, as many from the running venue show up each year. If you're reading this and have never tried Oslos Bratteste I would state you've missed out. However, it is not to late. The 2013 race is still to come, and I will most likely be there then as well.

I was about to write "I didn't push myself that hard, and could have gone faster" for this year's race. Then I checked the 2010 report where I stated "Did it more as a training session than a race.", and the 2011 report where I wrote "Personally I was not at all satisfied with the result as I felt I had heaps more to give after I finished.". The thing is, with these types of races my legs get tired (keyword: lactat) before I get completely puffed out. So no, I'm not sure if I could have gone that much faster. I ran exactly as fast as I did, not faster nor slower, hence it's slightly irrelevant what "I felt" I could do. The track was harder this year compared to 2011, due to being wet and slippery. I ran about half a minute slower this time, but had a good feeling. Hence I'm not displeased at all, since running has been a pain lately.


Me, once more as immortalised by photographer Mauro Pau. View more photos here.

Thumbs up. (photo by Stian S Møller)

Hills are fun! (photo by: - for free, brilliant!)

Climbing the final hill. (Photo by Tone Nordang Pettersen).

Good luck letter.

And I that thought it was Boeing 747.

Tim Team United Bakeries.

The Big Tent.

Team Kondis.


Tower of Joy!

Anders Tiltnes, the man in charge.

A view of the final meters.


Trimtex, sponsors.

Mr Bennetts shoes, a great choice.

Tryvann Vinterpark.

Blue and red.

Anders and Tim.

Stian S Møller, the photographer.

Rustad ftw.

Photographing the photographer.

Sk Vidar and Rustad Il.

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  1. Hadde bra fart opp bakkene i dag Frode så bra jobba. Mitt første, men ikke siste OB. Fantastisk morsomt løp.

    1. Du løp bra ja, og avslutningen din var sterk. Gratulerer. Blir bra med ny runde om ett år.

  2. I've missed out.. 2013.. ;)


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