Saturday, 8 September 2012

NorwayCross (2012)

Race #38 2012 - 10km - 43:54 - Saturday 8th of September

Second year for this race, and second time I participated (2011 report). Norway Cross is a well organised Tjalve event, with a fun cross country track. I prefer courses like this to asphalt. This year, as last year, I was surprised that not more people ran. It was only a slight increase in runners since last. I do hope more people will show up next time, so that Tjalve will continue organising this brilliant and unique race in Oslo.

The Track
Last year the race was 7.5 km. This year the track had changed, and you had three options. There was one 5 km, one 10 km and one relay race. The relay consisted of four laps, on 3.5 - 1.5 - 3.5 and 1.5 km. All options offered great cross country running, as the track was the same for everyone (at least parts of it).

View the track on Google Maps by clicking here.

Flat is boring, this was fun.

My race
As I'm not in shape at the moment I had decided to do the 5 km race. Then, about to sign up, I came to think of that the kilometre price being only 30 kr for the 10 km, and the double for the 5 km. As well I realised I needed the extra kilometres. Hence I changed my mind and did the 10 km. I did not regret, despite being slow and exhausted I enjoyed running. I didn't mind the weather being picture perfect either.

Changing you mind is sometimes good. (src:

I recommend Norway Cross. (src:

The results
Top ten men, 35 - 44 years, 10 km (link)
1  Sjöqvist,Erik                            33:54 + 00:00
2  Christophersen,Arild United Bakeries     35:33 + 01:39
3  Stenbrenden,Anders   Milslukern          35:57 + 02:03
4  Nordviken,Knut       SK Vidar            36:15 + 02:21
5  Rygg,Christian       Broadnet Kundefront 39:33 + 05:39
6  Sandholtbråten,Anders                    39:59 + 06:05
7  Berbu,Andreas        Svorkmo\NOI         40:20 + 06:26
8  Bjerkestrand,Øyvind                      41:37 + 07:43
9  Sæther,Mons Mjelde                       41:49 + 07:55
10 Klevstul,Frode             43:54 + 10:00

Mr Sjöqvist came second overall, behind  Audun Nordtveit on 33:18. Sub 35 is nothing but very impressive, as the track is not the easiest. Unfortunately there currently is no list with all runners on one page. More results can be found on this page though.

The pictures

Perfect weather. Ekeberg Skole, where it all started, and ended.

Tjalve, the organisers.

As last year, Norway Cross won "the biggest start banner challenge".

Great shoes, ready for some action, the Inov8 bare-grip 200.

Team, of course!

Satellites found!

Warming up with Robert Scoble and the Gillmore Gang.

Main parts of the track on grass.

Some parts in mud.

Some parts on tracks in the forest.

Did observe this scary creature as well,. Is it Bigfoot, or Darko's rabbit?

Job well done.

The links | results | garmin connect data | kondis article


  1. Hadde definitivt tenkt å være med (samme tenkte jeg i fjor). Beina protesterte i siste liten i år også. Neste år, neste år for sv... :-)
    Har du meldt deg på Skjennungstua opp?

    1. Dette løpet er gull. Kommer høyt opp på min liste over favorittløp. Med andre ord, meld deg på i 2013, du kommer ikke til å angre.

      Jepp, jeg er på lista til "førstemann-til-skillingsbollene" løpet. Gleder meg!


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