Tuesday, 18 September 2012


BREAKING NEWS: Finally, an overview of the entire boardshorts collection, all in one page!

Wearing boardshorts while running has become my trademark. It didn't start with running though. I always wore boardshorts while doing telemark skiing (at least underneath my skiing pants) and while MTB cycling. I can't remember when I bought my first pair of boardshorts, but I've been a wannabe surfer for years. I have 27 shorts "in duty" at the moment, see the list below. The oldest boardshorts that I'm still using (for special occasions only though, like weddings and huge celebrations) is a Quicksilver I bought in Paris back in the last millennium, in 1999 to be exact. In other words it's 13 years old.

Posing - Mr HeIsTooSexyForHisShorts, in love with himself and his oldest pair of boardshorts - island hopping in Greece back in 1999.

The collection
Below is an overview of my current collection of shorts. And guess what, I even have one "normal" (read: boring) shorts as well. The list is in chronological order, with the oldest ones first ("sort by buy_date asc" - if you're into SQL).

The 1999 Quiksilver in stunningly good shape. Bought in Paris, in 1999.

Rip Curl, bought in Sydney back in 2003.

Another oldie, also bought in Sydney, Australia in 2003.

Yes, this is no boardshorts! Bought it only for doing some laps in a pool where boardshorts were not allowed. Never used it since.

My only Dainese shorts. Bought in Oslo around 2005, 2006.

My favourite shorts while not training is this Nike ACG one. Bought in Oslo around 2007-2008.

Fox boardshorts, bought at Mallorca / Majorca in 2008.

Another pair bought at Mallorca in 2008.

Mallorca 2008 as well, I was on a shopping spree back then.

And another one from Mallorca 2008 as well, if I remember correctly.

Fashion shorts, for walking and posing. Another one of my many buys at Mallorca in 2008.

Guess what, I bought this Reef shorts at Mallorca in 2008 as well.

Received as a gift from Australia, in 2010.

The famous "Australia" brand.

Bought in Australia in 2010.

Bought in Australia 2010.

Bought at Changi airport, July 2010, as I needed swimmers for the rooftop pool at the kick-ass airport.

Even Nike has boardshorts, bought at Madeira in 2011.

Bought at Madeira, late 2011.

Bought in Sweden 2012.

Bought in Sweden 2012.

The Norwegian pair. Bought in Chamonix in 2012.

My favourite line of shorts, the Mirage from Rip Curl. Bought in Chamonix in 2012.

Bought in Chamonix  in 2012.

My gangsta' outfit. Bought in Greece, 2012.

Bought in Greece, 2012.

Mystic, bought in Greece, 2012.

Another one of my favourite shorts, this one bought in Greece, 2012.

And stay posted for overviews of all my boxershorts, tees, and socks, in the coming weeks! Eh, no. I'm actually kidding. I'm "out there", but not that far out there. This should do, for now.


  1. Imponerende kolleksjon!! Jeg har den grønne Norrøna; my one and only! :-)

    1. Hehe. Det er nok det klesplagget jeg har mest av ja, kanskje bortsett fra sokker.

  2. Gleder meg til postene om alle thightsene, og alle split-shortsene!

    1. Det nærmeste jeg kommer split-shorts er nok den H2O-shortsen jeg har. Løpetights har jeg imidlertid hele én stykk av, en kne-lang en, som jeg fikk når jeg var fartsholder under Oslo Maraton i fjor. Tror ikke det finnes noen bilder av meg i den, heldigvis. Og aner ikke hvor den er nå.

  3. Hm, dette minner mistenkelig om rosablogging.... :D


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