Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oslos Bratteste (2012)

Race #43 2012 - 2.7km - 22:28.8 - Saturday 29th of September

Oslos Bratteste has become one of my favourite events through out the racing season. The organisers is doing a brilliant job, and I have nothing but positive things to say about this happening. A huge thanks to Slevik IL for making this into such a great competition.

It's a very social event, as many from the running venue show up each year. If you're reading this and have never tried Oslos Bratteste I would state you've missed out. However, it is not to late. The 2013 race is still to come, and I will most likely be there then as well.

I was about to write "I didn't push myself that hard, and could have gone faster" for this year's race. Then I checked the 2010 report where I stated "Did it more as a training session than a race.", and the 2011 report where I wrote "Personally I was not at all satisfied with the result as I felt I had heaps more to give after I finished.". The thing is, with these types of races my legs get tired (keyword: lactat) before I get completely puffed out. So no, I'm not sure if I could have gone that much faster. I ran exactly as fast as I did, not faster nor slower, hence it's slightly irrelevant what "I felt" I could do. The track was harder this year compared to 2011, due to being wet and slippery. I ran about half a minute slower this time, but had a good feeling. Hence I'm not displeased at all, since running has been a pain lately.


Me, once more as immortalised by photographer Mauro Pau. View more photos here.

Thumbs up. (photo by Stian S Møller)

Hills are fun! (photo by: - for free, brilliant!)

Climbing the final hill. (Photo by Tone Nordang Pettersen).

Good luck letter.

And I that thought it was Boeing 747.

Tim Team United Bakeries.

The Big Tent.

Team Kondis.


Tower of Joy!

Anders Tiltnes, the man in charge.

A view of the final meters.


Trimtex, sponsors.

Mr Bennetts shoes, a great choice.

Tryvann Vinterpark.

Blue and red.

Anders and Tim.

Stian S Møller, the photographer.

Rustad ftw.

Photographing the photographer.

Sk Vidar and Rustad Il.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oslo Maraton - 10km (2012)

Race #41 2012 - 10km - 40:52 - Saturday 22nd of September

This is what I look like when I don't spot the photographers. Oh no, I was not tired at all (photo by Mauro Pau).



The above picture along with the messages says it all. Lately running has been less fun and more pain than before. I'm lacking energy and stamina. It might be related to me having a "few" things on my plate at the moment. Taking this into consideration I'm actually quite satisfied with Saturday's result. It was not as bad as it looks at the picture either. It is a privilegie being able to run and it's important not to forget that. I believe it's time to look less at the watch and in stead listen to my body and enjoy.

Last 200m, Mr Jean would have told me to get my knee up. (pic: marathon-photos)

More photos

Mr Leira.

Team Eiksund.

Mr Hansen.

Team Gilberg.


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Friday, 21 September 2012

All Summer In A Day

My favourite short through all times was very hard to get hold of in "the old days" (read below). Now it can be viewed via YouTube. Enjoy!

I think the sun is a flower,
That blooms for just one hour.
Ray Bradbury, All Summer In A Day

And this is what I wrote about this film, on my old webpage, back in 2004 (including comments):

All Summer In a Day

All Summer In a Day - the best short ever made?

Around 20 years a go I saw (on NRK) a film I never would forget. A film I have though about for years, but didn't remember anything about it than that is was about a young girl, living on a planet where it was raining all the time. She believed there would be sun, and the others didn't. I remembered it as a very sad film. I won't write more, otherwise I will reveal the story. This is with no doubt one of the most (or maybe the most) powerful film I've ever seen. After searching the Internet, with keywords like: "girl, planet, rain, raining all the time" I finally found it, the film based on Ray Bradbury's story with the same name: All Summer in a Day.

I think the sun is a flower,
That blooms for just one hour.


Another discussion forum about this film
Information on Internet Movie Database (
Short description about the film [domain inactive]
Ray Bradbury's story All Summer In a Day [domain inactive]

Where to get it from:
You can try to buy it here... (B. C. Learning connection) [domain inactive]
... or here (DVD / VHS) You might try to contact these people to get it.
... or here (VHS) [not found any longer]
... or here (Ohana Learning) [domain inactive]
These have a 16mm print (ACMI, Australia)

Google it

It is not easy to get a DVD of this film since "the DVD format is only available to UK educational establishments due to copyright restrictions." I've tried but didn't manage. However I got hold of a VCD version (thanks Laura). So: If anyone manage to get a DVD of this film, drop a line in this forum and let us know how!

[ fk | 2004/03/29 - 14:31]

All Summer In a Day
For some reason, this movie (short film) has etched itself into my mind for many years. I haven't seen it since I was 6 years old (on 16 mm). Thanks for the links to its presence on the web. I'm trying now to order it on vhs so I can back it up it to dvd (and other digital formats). If you know where it may lie in the digital domain....e-mail me.
[ Steven | 2004/05/17 - 18:44]

All Summer In a Day
I asked my previous school (The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia) to order one DVD. It wasn't done before I left, but if you're in Australia go and check with the VCA library. They might have a copy now...
[ fk | 2004/05/18 - 14:54]

All Summer In a Day
I'm another one who saw this film when i was young, and it deeply affected me. i was recently talking with a friend, who mentioned a film she saw that moved her deeply when she was young, and it was this one. neither of us knew what it was or who it was by, but as we both remembered it, we both ended up in tears. I think it was the most deeply touching, beautiful film ive ever seen.

i'd dearly love to see it again. if anyone finds a source, especially if its DVD, please let me know.
[ ben | 2004/09/16 - 08:59]

All Summer In a Day
it must have been 15 or more years since i saw this movie and it still haunts me. i hope someone starts selling it
[ ethan beckley | 2006/11/17 - 05:05]

All Summer In a Day

Here is an edited clip of the tv show All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury! [page not found]
[ Idiom | 2006/12/21 - 13:41]

All Summer In a Day
Thanks a lot Idiom, nice one! Haven't seen it online before at all. If it wasn't for the copyrights I could have added the entire film to Note: If you watch the clip above you'll miss out a lot of the film. So you shouldn't watch if if you want to see the entire film (which I highly recommend).
[ fk | 2006/12/21 - 15:19]

All Summer In a Day
Any chance that you'd be able to send a copy of your "All Summer in a Day" VCD to me, all expenses paid, of course? I am aching to see this movie again, and to share it with my daughter and son. Thanks so much in advance...LJ
[ LJ | 2007/01/05 - 17:19]

All Summer In a Day
I am yet another person who saw this amazing film as a young girl. I have thought about this movie for years, and have been searching for any information about it. Thank you for your research and links, and please add me to the list of people who would love to get a copy of it!!!!!!
[ Ana | 2007/03/16 - 20:44]

All Summer In a Day
Is there any way you would be willing to share the VCD copy? I will pay for postage or whatever.
[ Lisa Day | 2007/05/29 - 03:57]

All Summer In a Day
I'm amazed... I too have thought about this film since I was 7 years old as it was the first film that I remember that moved me to tears. If anyone would be able to get me a copy on DVD I would be happy to pay the costs and postage. It would mean I could finally see the whole film again after spending many years thinking that maybe I would see it again on TV - which I never did. I have just spent a while searching "planet raining, etc." and it made me smile to see that I was not the only one who has kept such fond memories of this film from an early age.
[ Rebecca C | 2007/06/23 - 21:32]

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Escape Winter, Welcome Adventure

Leaving on the 14th as planned was hard, hence I went for a cheaper alternative.

11th of December 2012 to 13th of January 2013. Just right.


Guess where?

Please wait...., and pack your bags. You are going on an adventure!

Next departure...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


BREAKING NEWS: Finally, an overview of the entire boardshorts collection, all in one page!

Wearing boardshorts while running has become my trademark. It didn't start with running though. I always wore boardshorts while doing telemark skiing (at least underneath my skiing pants) and while MTB cycling. I can't remember when I bought my first pair of boardshorts, but I've been a wannabe surfer for years. I have 27 shorts "in duty" at the moment, see the list below. The oldest boardshorts that I'm still using (for special occasions only though, like weddings and huge celebrations) is a Quicksilver I bought in Paris back in the last millennium, in 1999 to be exact. In other words it's 13 years old.

Posing - Mr HeIsTooSexyForHisShorts, in love with himself and his oldest pair of boardshorts - island hopping in Greece back in 1999.

The collection
Below is an overview of my current collection of shorts. And guess what, I even have one "normal" (read: boring) shorts as well. The list is in chronological order, with the oldest ones first ("sort by buy_date asc" - if you're into SQL).

The 1999 Quiksilver in stunningly good shape. Bought in Paris, in 1999.

Rip Curl, bought in Sydney back in 2003.

Another oldie, also bought in Sydney, Australia in 2003.

Yes, this is no boardshorts! Bought it only for doing some laps in a pool where boardshorts were not allowed. Never used it since.

My only Dainese shorts. Bought in Oslo around 2005, 2006.

My favourite shorts while not training is this Nike ACG one. Bought in Oslo around 2007-2008.

Fox boardshorts, bought at Mallorca / Majorca in 2008.

Another pair bought at Mallorca in 2008.

Mallorca 2008 as well, I was on a shopping spree back then.

And another one from Mallorca 2008 as well, if I remember correctly.

Fashion shorts, for walking and posing. Another one of my many buys at Mallorca in 2008.

Guess what, I bought this Reef shorts at Mallorca in 2008 as well.

Received as a gift from Australia, in 2010.

The famous "Australia" brand.

Bought in Australia in 2010.

Bought in Australia 2010.

Bought at Changi airport, July 2010, as I needed swimmers for the rooftop pool at the kick-ass airport.

Even Nike has boardshorts, bought at Madeira in 2011.

Bought at Madeira, late 2011.

Bought in Sweden 2012.

Bought in Sweden 2012.

The Norwegian pair. Bought in Chamonix in 2012.

My favourite line of shorts, the Mirage from Rip Curl. Bought in Chamonix in 2012.

Bought in Chamonix  in 2012.

My gangsta' outfit. Bought in Greece, 2012.

Bought in Greece, 2012.

Mystic, bought in Greece, 2012.

Another one of my favourite shorts, this one bought in Greece, 2012.

And stay posted for overviews of all my boxershorts, tees, and socks, in the coming weeks! Eh, no. I'm actually kidding. I'm "out there", but not that far out there. This should do, for now.