Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Read Every Day Challenge

MoCh - Challenge #4 July 2012 - The Read Every Day Challenge

About the Challenges
As mentioned before I got the idea of the "One Month Challenge" or the "Monthly Challenge" (codeword MoCh) from Matt Cutts. I started in April, and hence has done four different challenges including this one.

The first three:
Challenge #1 : April 2012 : The 10 Words Challenge
Challenge #2 : May 2012 : The Less Social, More Sleep Challenge
Challenge #3 : June 2012 : The Leave Phone Home challenge

The concept of challenging yourself to for example either add something to your life that you miss, or subtract something you don't like, is great.

View Matt Cutts at TED, talking about his 30 day challanges:

The Rules
For July I decided to read literature every day. A challenge that was nice for summer, and being quite easy to to fulfil. As a result I ended up reading for breakfast, for lunch, after training and when I went to bed.

The Books
Ender's Game.
I started reading Ender's Game. A brilliant page turner that I finished in two days.

The Swarm.
I continued with The Swarm. As I kept reading the percentage almost stayed still. Quite understandable as the book is 881 pages. I finished 60% of the book in July. I would not characterise this book as super exciting, but it is still enjoyable. It has it's ups and downs. Follow the read progress here.

The August Challenge
August will be the month for The Photo Poetry Challenge. One photo with some text is to be produced every day. The result can be viewed here (should be updated every day from now on). It's part of a project where my goal is to produce 90 "photo poetries".


  1. Forslag til challenge i september: ikke bruke hverken salt eller pepper (ei heller blandingskrydder som inneholder dette) i maten. er jo litt spennende å tenke på hvordan smaksløkene kanskje "nullstilles" i løpet av en måned? kanskje tilogmed at pepper oppleves som "hot" etterpå?

    1. Det ville vært ekstremt vanskelig. Da kunne jeg ikke ha spist ute heller. Og med chili og wasabi i maten så hadde nok smaksløkene fått kjørt seg allikevel. En måned uten noe krydder i maten hadde blitt en kjedelig måned.

      Septemberutfordringen er forresten klar ((:


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