Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Drug Test

The return of the spike strip!

The Track
Yesterday I was once more reminded that the nice and chill days of summer has come to an end. Team Jean was back at the track. 10 x 250m was on the program. Mr V was there, stronger than ever, setting the pace for the rest of us. That man has not been laying on the sofa this summer. Mr L was back, which is great for all of us. He is the cliff, being in shape or not. Even Miss L came and joined us, for the second time. Hopefully she'll participate more often. If she does there is no doubt in my mind that her goal of sub 2:20 on the 800m will reached. There are a lot of ways to exercise, many theories on what to focus on. Mr Jean's school seems to be a good one though. Personally I'm having a "down" at the moment. Using a cliché I would state that "some of the air has gone out of the balloon". Maybe not too strange after a very good period in July, and me not having made the transition from "staring-empty-out-in-the-air-doing-nothing-holiday-mode" to "back-to-business-mode" yet. Manjana manjana.

International Association of Athletics Federations

The Drug Test
I know a guy, for the simplicity let's call him Mr X. Mr X also knows a guy, let's call this guy Mr Y. I do not know Mr Y, however I know who he is, as he is well known. Earlier Mr Y did sports on a very high level, and several years ago he participated in both the Olympics and World Championships in Athletics. If I remember correctly this story, who I was told by Mr X, is from the Olympics an athletics event a few years back:

After one day of competing Mr Y and many stars with him was gathered in an area at the stadium. Several people in charge of drug testing entered, and started picking athletes to be tested. Mr HugeSuperstar was there as well. He won his event, as he used to. Mr Y saw that Mr HugeSuperstar was picked for drug testing. However Mr HugeSuperstar did not feel like being tested. He simply answered "I'm not supposed to". The guy that had picked Mr HugeSuperstar obviously did a "mistake", and he actually listened. Mr HugeSuperstar was never drug tested that time. To Mr Y it seemed like Mr HugeSuperstar having a deal with someone important.

Mr X, that has been within athletics for many years, and I consider at as a reasonable man, has his theories in this case. He believes that Mr HugeSuperstar was simply too big to be caught. If he had been caught it would have been catastrophic to the sports, IAAF and IOC, which are powerful organisation. Mr X believes that IOC and IAAF needed Mr HugeSuperstar to keep winning, and being superior. Because it was him who filled the stadiums, it was him who attracted the big sponsors and pushed the prices on the TV contracts.

If it is true, what Mr Y told Mr X and what Mr X believes, it is devastating. I'm not sure what to think though. Rumours are not always reliable. However, somewhat I would not be surprised. There is so much going on behind black curtains, especially where big sums of money is involved. Sports on a high level are not so much about play and fun any longer. Maybe it would be appropriate renaming The Olympic Games to the Olympic Battles. I do not believe that all athletics superstars are using performance enhancing drugs, but we know that some of them do. I doubt it, but the world might as well have come a long way since this seemingly happened. The anecdote did make me thinking about who are clean and who are cheaters. We can't really know, can we?

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