Thursday, 23 August 2012

SRM Hangout

Yesterday I participated in a running related Hangout, on air, with Mr Leira in charge. This might become a weekly show, where Leira will invite a mixture of people to join. The show was just a beta, hence it was far from perfect. I reckon the show will have to be a lot shorter, as I personally quickly lose interest. I do believe a 15-20 minutes show would be heaps more appealing to people in general. Yesterday's show was 47 minutes long.

If interested, check out the video at, in the description field at youtube there are links to click that takes you to the different topics that were discussed.

Google+ Hangouts - on air!

The man in charge, Mr Heming Leira aka Mr SRM.

Janicke Ekelberg aka. Ms Lettbent aka Ms Skiløpet.

Mr Me aka Mr Me.

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