Friday, 31 August 2012

SketchingUp my Crib

I've found a crib, where I will move soonish. Hence I decided to do some planning. My goal is to use the space as optional as possible, for my liking. First I did draw the apartment using Drawing in VXG Docs (same as Drawing for Google Docs).

FB2 first drawing, dimensions being completely off.

Realising that would not do the job I decided to take some measurements and try to model the apartment using a 3D tool. A nice way of learning some new software as well.

The measurements.

9th of August
Choosing a 3D software was easy. I installed Trimble SketchUp (formerly known as Google SketchUp). I had looked at this tool one time earlier, back in 2008. Realising that it could be a good idea checking out some tutorial videos I in stead starting modelling right away. Learning by doing, not reading nor watching.

The name change not being completed yet.

Architectural Design, that is me!

Spending one hour drawing up the floor in the right dimensions due to not having read the manual.

After having made the floor I found this handy article on how to use SketchUp for interior design. Learning by doing and reading; the new plan.

12th of August
After a weekend with brilliant weather I found my way to the PC Sunday night, and found out some nifty things to do with SketchUp.

The box that will become my crib. Not big, but big enough.

After some work the box turned into something that started looking like an apartment.

15th of August
Back to the "drawing board". Struggling using sketch up for exact measurements. Spent a lot of time just adjusting the walls as the model was slightly inaccurate.

I like it to be correct, all the way down to the millimetre.

29th of August
After a long period with too nice weather for SketchUp I was back at the computer, just to realise that I don't know enough for making a proper model of my crib. Hence I started watching some tutorial videos.

SketchUp for dummies, part 1.

30th of August
Saw part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, and did learn a lot. Got the motivation for getting back to crib drawing once more. Started all over again to get a new and tidy model.

Better, much better! This is what the place looks like at the moment, more or less.

31st of August
Got a hang of it after having seen the tutorials. Sat up late from Thursday till Friday night and kept drawing. Added my desk, projector screen, a cupboard and a murphy bed as well (several items from the 3D Warehouse). Partly blocking the balcony door I do have a solution. No sofa, but maybe I should get a tiny table for brekkie. We'll see.

The most important elements in place. What looks like secret"rooms will be two cupboards.

A big projector screen is a must. A good work desk with plenty of wall cabinets above as well.

The projector will be hidden in the cupboard. The bed is a murphy bed that can be stowed away.

The cabinet will hide a fridge and a projector. It will be fitted with shelves for other stuff , that I didn't bother drawing in this model.

The bathroom is as good as it gets, and will only be fitted with a slim washing machine. Dropped drawing all the other details. A "big" closet for clothes is planned as well.

Finally, now I do have a plan. It only remains to see if it will be followed. Hopefully I'm conveniently located in my new crib before Christmas (yeah, I keep postponing the move).

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