Saturday, 18 August 2012


I've started a new thing [update: this concept was not new at all, I unfortunately discovered that a few days after I wrote this post], which I've called "NerdRunning" (of course it can't be written "Nerd Running", it has to be written in the nerdy way, using CamelCase.). The concept is simple: run with your GPS to create interesting patterns on the face of mother earth.

I've thought of it for a while, but after one cool-down session back in mid June I was inspired to create more patterns. So far I've made two, "theEnvelope" and "theSpiral". However there are more to come.

I run, I nerd

theEnvelope (theGmail)

try one | distance: 1.00 km | garmin connect | google maps |
first try. realised that 1 km was far too short for a proper envelope symbol.

try two | distance: 2.95 km | garmin connect | google maps |
so nicely "drawn", so close to perfect, just forgot a couple of lines.

try three | distance: 3.09 km | garmin connect | google maps |
could have made a perfect Gmail logo

a perfect NerdRun, but unfortunately it was a bad day for GPS reception.

theSpiral (theDot)

try one | Distance: 2.07 km | garmin connect | google maps |
zoomed out the spiral makes a nice dot on the map.

did run a perfect spiral, but poor GPS signals and GPS just not being that accurate.

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