Monday, 20 August 2012

NerdRunning p 2

This is as good as it gets. At least I can't be bothered doing this symbol any longer. After four tries I'm bored of this running pattern. Time to create something new. I have a few ideas. Now Google, feel free to send over some cash, since I've been running several kilometres for you guys.

By the way, people that sees me running these days think I've gone completely mad. I've already had some commenting on my weird way of running back and forth in mysterious manners.

theEnvelope (theGmail)
try four | distance: 1.81 km | garmin connect | google maps |

Good enough.

try two (stands out as the best) | distance: 2.95 km | garmin connect | google maps |

As perfect as it gets, I now realise.

The original Gmail logo.

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