Monday, 13 August 2012

Instagram to Blogger

ifttt kicks ass!

If you're an Instagram user you can have all your photos published to your blogger blog as well. Using ifttt it is actually super simple.

The Instagram Channel

Go to and create your own account, or sign in if you already do have an account. Add Blogger and Instagram as channels. By browsing recipes for the Instagram channel you'll see the Instagram to Blogger receipt. Activated it and you're all set to go. Simple as that.

For an example of what it will look like on Blogger / Blogspot visit:

You should check different channels and recipes as well. There are a lot of sweet stuff that can be automated using ifttt. Below are just a very few examples.

Send me a text if it starts raining.

Notify me about free iTunes downloads.

Remember special occasions, at least pretend to do it.

Be the first to get those new DVD releases on Netflix.

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