Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Follow the right stream

On this blog I do write about a variation of things. For some readers that might be an annoyance. Luckily for those there is a way to still follow this blog and avoid certain topics. This is due to all these posts being categorised. It is possible to follow for example only sports posts, running posts or tech posts. For an overview of all the available rss / atom feeds go to this page.
Unfortunately there is no functionality to exclude certain labels from the default feed in blogger, like you can do in Wordpress. "Negations (exclude a label) and disjunctions (or) are not supported", reference. Hence doing a "everything minus technology" is hard (I would have to make something on my own, which I can't be bothered to do).

There are several categories (labels / tags) in use. Some are main categories, some are sub categories.

Main categories
There are four main categories:

challenge (rss feed not available | web)
miscellaneous (rss feed not available | web)
sports (rss feed | web)
technology (rss feed | web)
writing (rss feed | web)

And of course, you have 'everything' (rss feed | web).

Sub categories
running (rss feed | web) is the only sub-category that has got it's own rss feed.

Below is an overview of all categories currently in use, listed hierarchic.

- challenge
- - moch
- miscellaneous
- sports
- - running
- - - 400mp
- - - nerdrunning
- - - race
- - mup12
- technology
- - gadget
- - security
- writing

video (across other categories)

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