Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Crap [krap]
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: nonsense
Synonyms: baloney, bunk, bunkum, claptrap, drivel,
          foolishness, hogwash, idiocy, ludicrousness,
          poppycock, ridiculousness, rigmarole, tomfoolery,
ref : thesaurus.com

10 x 400m on a crap day.

Crap is a word that can be used describing today's 10 x 400m session. I did all the intervals in between 71 and 78 seconds. Horrible slow (back in May I did 10 below 70 seconds!). The worst thing was that I almost threw up afterwards. I felt like crap. I'm seriously struggling at the moment. I'm not in shape at all, and I find it hard pushing myself. For each session I'm only getting slower. The weather today was crap as well though. Despite being 28th of August it felt like 28th of October. Windy, rain pouring down, cold. Not very pleasant. I miss summer already.

Crap times! (src: identi.ca)

On the weekend I was considering quitting track sessions for good. Get back to slower and longer type of running and having it more pleasant. I still feel drained from the session before the summer. I find it sickening just thinking of pushing myself that hard ever again. If I want to make progress I'll have to though. Crap!

Two comments that I got the other day. One was nice to hear. (src: twitter)

Weekend plans
There are several races this coming weekend, like Nordmarkstraveren (2011 report), Kodalmila (2011 report) and Skiløpet. I haven't signed up for any. I actually haven't done much racing at all lately. I admit it, I've lost some of my motivation. This Saturday I should put on my runners and do a race. But the couch can once more get too tempting.

Nothing new though, but my stride and running technique is very far from perfect. Last week Mr V did some slowmo recording of me running. It's easy for Mr Jean to find a "few" things that should be improved. Below is the video analysis.

My knee is not high enough. My arm should be further back.

I'm "throwing" my leg in front of me, wasting energy and speed.

Same thing here, my knee should go higher.

As a result of throwing my leg in front of me I'm losing pace when landing.

Mr Bolt being the reference. High knee, good arms. (ref: somaxsports.com)

No "leg throwing" by these guys. This is how it should be done. (src: nbcolympics.com)

The Muscle Factory
Rounding off with a shot of Mr VV from the muscle factory (I still haven't been thrown out of there):


  1. Jeg ville ikke bekymret meg så mye.... det går jo i bølger, både motivasjon og form. Noen ganger kan det også være smart å gjøre litt andre ting en kortere (eller lenger) periode for så å komme styrket tilbake ;-)

    1. Takker for kloke ord. Du har helt rett Silja, det går i bølger. Enig at det er viktig å variere treningsform og treningsmetoder. Trodde jeg skulle boble over med energi etter sommeren, men dessverre er ikke det tilfelle. Juli var årets måned når det gjelder løping. PB og SB i hvert eneste løp, og mye glede når joggeskoene var på føttene.

      Men i kveld er det SRM igjen, og hvilket SRM? Jo, det SRM når jeg også blir medlem i 100-klubben! Yes ((:

  2. Espen og jeg skal løpe SkiLøpet på lørdag. Bare å stille opp!

    1. Kult. Ja, jeg tror faktisk jeg stiller. Jeg trenger å komme i gang igjen. Og så smaker ølen mye bedre etter en konkurranse, selv om man løper sakte.

      Satser på at vi sees til lørdag da, om ikke under SRM i dag også. Solen skinner. Digg!


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