Saturday, 11 August 2012

Congratulations Walcott



What a wonderful Men's Javelin Throw Final today, with 19 year old Keshorn Walcott winning for Trinidad and Tobago. He's the first in the Caribbean to win javelin throw. He wins Trinidad and Tobago's second Olympic gold, the first since Hasely Crawford won gold in 1976. Today's medal was the first medal for T&T in a track and field event. Walcott also became the youngest gold medalist in the men's javelin throw in Olympic history.

Wolcott's playful attitude was noticeable at the Olympic stadium in London. In an interview with Reuters he stated: "I just went out there to relax and enjoy it, and it worked for me".

 Congratulations to Walcott, a true Olympic champion!


Walcott's Wikipedia page before the finals. It didn't take long before it got updated.

T&T (Trinidad and Tobago) trended on twitter as the result of the gold.



    Regner med at du feiret denne betuttede mannens plassering med den fineste champagne? #Skadefryd :DDD

    1. Jeg må si som en venn av meg sa: "6. plass i de Olympiske leker er da ingen dårlig plassering".

      Selv nøyde jeg meg med å feire Walcotts uventede gullmedalje. Veldig moro for 19-åringen fra T&T.


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