Saturday, 7 July 2012

Video from Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Recorded some footage from the finish of Mont-Blanc Marathon 2012, at Planpraz in Chamonix (2050 m).

Filmed the following three runners:
- Juan-Antonion Alegre-Munoz (Spain) - 04:16:23 (15th place)
- Runar Gilberg (Norway) - 04:44:54 (41st place)
- A Gilberg (Norway) - 05:33:21 (182nd place)
All in all 1749 runners completed.

Official results:


  1. I just saw myself in the background :) Didnt run this year due to injury, great race for anyone who hasnt ran it, thanks for the upload
    Phil from Chamonix

    1. I might see you next year then. I plan to try out the Cross. Hope you're well and running again now.


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