Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Top 10 alternatives to Gmail

Are you looking for an alternative to Gmail, and Hotmail is not what you are searching for? Well, here are some suggestions. Some solutions are reviewed, others are just mentioned.

1 : VXG |

This is a service for the selected few, that has some cash extra and wants to distinguish themselves from the rest. If you do like Google's products, like Gmail and Google Docs, but would like an exclusive email address, more storage and no ads, this is the solution for you. VXG is a paid solution. You do get more than 25 GB (yes, giga bytes) of storage with VXG. Of course, you can buy your own domain, start using Google Apps and get a similar experience (that requires some skills and takes time). What you really pay for here is being one exclusive member of the VXG club, and the only way to get a email address is to sign up.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

2 : Hush Mail |

A email company that focuses on security and encryption is Hushmail. While most other email companies are able to read your emails everything sent using Hushmail is encrypted. You can read more about how this works by clicking here, and read more about the security by clicking hereThe free service is only with a limited 25 MB of storage. (Note that you can achieve similar encryption using VXG or another mail solution by using's solution.)

Web interface.

3 : FastMail |

Opera's mail service has now tunrned into FastMail as well, as this service was acquired by Opera Software. The free version is quite limited in terms of space. 25 MB is nothing today. However it's an alternative worth checking out.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

4 : LavaBit |

An email alternative with the keywords privacy, flexibility and reliability. LavaBit offers a free 128 MB storage plan without ads, or a 1024 MB storage plan with adds.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

5 : Zoho Mail

| |

An alternative with quite a good web interface is Zoho. They have different plans, also free plans for emails.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

And then you have other alternatives like
6 : Yahoo Mail |
7 : AOL Mail |
8 : |
9 : GMX |
10 : Rackspace |

And if you just need temporarily email addresses for verification purposes you have services like:
Guerrilla Mail |
Mailop |

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