Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The merge of two G+ accounts

In the beginning I used Google Plus, or G+, frequently. However Google messed up as they didn't synchronise Google Plus for Google Apps with normal Google accounts. The result was me, and several others, getting two Plus accounts. I started off using G+ with Gmail, and then I swapped and started using it with my VXG account. This all became too messy so I stopped using Plus. Click here for one of my final posts.

Google Takeout - The Remedy

Anyway, now there is a remedy to this problem. At least more or less. I hoped that there would be possible to fully merge two plus accounts into one. However that is not the case. But through Google Takeout there is an option to move your content from one account to another.

What this option does is to transfer all Google+ circles from a source account to a destination account. It also replaces your source profile with your destination profile in other people's circles, if the source and destination accounts do have the same name.

The transfer tool.

When the transfer process is initiated it will start after a seven day regret period. After this week there is no turning back (or, you can transfer everything back again, but first you will have to wait a minimum of six months). The transfer process itself will take about 48 hours to complete. As your source account will keep on living, and everything that you've posted using that account will still be available, this process is still not 100%. I guess people can still add your old source account in their circles, if they find some of your old content on Plus. I wish there would be a way to transfer old posts, pictures and what have you got, as well. One thing that will help a bit though is do make your old account unavailable in searches, through changing this option on your profile page.

From the source account to the destination account.

What will happen when transferring.

A Google+ circles transfer has been requested.

Click "Profile" > "Edit profile" > "Profile discovery" to disable profile discovery in search.

My source account before the transfer.

My destination account before the transfer.

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