Friday, 13 July 2012

Session 34

Dark clouds on Friday the 13th, but no need to worry.

Session 34 : 3 x 200m + 3 x 100m : Friday 13th of July
"Warmed up" with Mr V at his own "private" muscle factory, lifting some weights. Afterwards I went to the track in the rain for session number two. Not much reminding me of summer, I was about to skip track work. However, skipping sessions due to rain in Norway is a bad idea. If you start doing that there won't be much running.

Did 200 and 100 meters. The first run controlled, the second a tad faster and the third full pace with spike shoes. My fastest times are not very impressive, and I now realise that doing a 100m in less than 13 seconds will be quite hard for me. On the 200m I should be able to go a bit faster though. I feel I still have more to give.

3 x 200m times: 31.6 - 31.4  - (swapped to spike shoes) - 27.7 (new unofficial PB)
3 x 100m times: 14.7 - 14. 6  (swapped to spike shoes) - 13.3 (new unofficial PB)

Split times.

Tomorrow, organised for the first time, a fun and interesting race is coming up. It's equally, or maybe more, important being able to drink fast as to run fast. Say no more, a race report will come.

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