Thursday, 12 July 2012

Session 33

Disclaimer: this image is not fully representative as it was another of those grey summer days.

Session 33 : 2 x 300m + 5 x 150m hill : Wednesday 11th of July

Being annoyed not running faster on Monday I entered the tartan track once more. After a good warm-up I did one 300m interval in 51.7 seconds. My goal was to "float", trying to think of my breathing, without stressing (tip from Miss C). My second interval I tried going faster, and finished that in 45.0 seconds. A time I'm more pleased with. I should be able to do several intervals in that pace though. Manjana, manjana.

Times: 51.7 - 45.0

Knut, Ingvill and Karoline dropped by the track as well, training for the Olympics. I was invited by Knut to join Karoline for five 150m hill intervals. I got puffed out, these girls do run very fast. Not that I expected anything else though. The hill intervals were great, and I'll do more of them. Also nice getting some feedback from Knut.

Split times.

Ended the day with SRM. My plan was to do one fast round. However I was unable to gain any speed, and ended up running two rounds in medium pace. Far from very fast, far from very slow, 27:29 became my time.

Today I'll run Hovedøya Rundt and eat shrimps together with great peeps from SRM. By the way, if you do like beers and like to run there is a new race coming up this Saturday. Drop me a line if interested in getting details. I think that'll be great fun.

And then we have Tuesday. Depending on my state of mind, and the state of my body, I might do a far more serious race then. My hands start sweating as I'm thinking of it. Time will show if I'll dare doing it.


  1. Jeg tror også det kan bli ganske moro på lørdag!

    1. Hehe. "Bankettløpet" kunne det også vært navngitt.


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