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Gressholmen Rundt (2012)

Race #31 2012 - 4.1km - 20.01 [PB] - Thursday 26th of July

First we take Hovedøya
They sent me an invitation to these races
For trying to change my habit of leaving town
I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

I'm guided by a signal deep inside me
I'm guided by these shoes on my feet
I'm guided by the beauty of our islands
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

I'd really like to run beside you, baby 
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes 
But you see the tracks there are just really narrow
I told you, I told you, told you, it's just will not work.

Ah you loved me as a loser, but now you're worried that I just might win
You know the way to stop me, but you don't have the stamina
How many nights I prayed for this, to let this race begin 
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

I don't like just laying still in the sun
And I don't need these drugs that keep you thin 
I don't like missing out, I'd rather get some blisters
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

I'd really like to run beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes 
But you see the tracks there are just really narrow
I told you, I told you, told you, it's just will not work.

And I thank you for those items that you sent me 
The t-shirt and the light running shoes
I practised every night, now I'm ready 
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

Ah remember me, I'll always live for running
Remember me, I brought you to this place
Well it's Thursday again and everybody's stoked 
First we take Hovedøya, then we take Langøyene and Gressholmen.

melody: first we take manhattan

Grand Finale
It starts at Hovedøya, then it's at Langøyene. Gressholmen Rundt is the third and final race, in the amazing island carousel, just outside reach of the noise and stress from the city centre of Oslo. Once more a huge thanks to the organisers for making Oslo the best city to live in during summer. These races are awesome.

The Track
A fun and challenging race. Gressholmen has got the toughest track out of the three island races. Both the longest and the most technical. The others aren't flat either though.

View the track on Google Maps by clicking here.

My race
Having spent all day in the sun prior to the race is far from optimal for running fast. I started the race quite hard and as Stian S Møller did witness (click here to see for yourself) I became "slightly" exhausted and a tad warm. It was a hard day for running fast, but as I took it easy last year I did set a PB. And anyway, this race is so much more than running fast.

The results
Update - 26.07.2013 : the results below used to be wrong, as 10 minutes was added to the time. This has now been fixed.

Resultatliste Menn Løype: 1
Plass Navn
1 Kjâll-Ohlsson,Martin Vidar 17:17 +00:00
2 Strupsatd,John Henry Ren-Eng 17:58 +00:41
3 Madsen,Ådne Tverrfjell KOLL 18:27 +01:10
4 Sveen-Nilsen,Petter Thommessen BIL 18:53 +01:36
5 Madsen,Hans-Petter Tverrfjell KOLL 19:20 +02:03
6 Langebeck,Benjamin Kolbotn & Skimt 19:41 +02:24
7 Holden,Olav Beach 2012 19:48 +02:31
8 Wilner,abruceChristoffer Rustad Il 20:01 +02:44
9 Klevstul,Frode Privat 20:07 +02:50
10 Stokke,Knut Bjørn Ås IL 20:28 +03:11
11 Aker,Vemund Privat 22:22 +05:05
12 Madsen,Håkon Andreas Tverfjell KOLL 22:31 +05:14
13 Madsen,Ingar Privat 22:39 +05:22
14 Velazquez,Francisco UiO Bil 22:58 +05:41
15 Ringom,Espen Privat 23:37 +06:20
16 Strengelsrud,Espen Team Npro 23:38 +06:21
17 Grim,Oddvar Il Ros 24:02 +06:45
18 Hofstad,Bjørnar Norges bank Il 24:05 +06:48
19 Lund,Bengt Privat 24:13 +06:56
20 Breievne,Sigurd Sporild Hasle Løren 24:38 +07:21
21 Breievne,Yngve Sporild Privat 24:41 +07:24
22 Pedersen,Asbjørn Blomberg Korsvoll 25:25 +08:08
23 Lona,Kåre Finstad Privat 25:39 +08:22
24 Nielsen,Rolf Ergo Group 28:52 +11:35
25 Sandnesaunet,John Hjemmet 29:33 +12:16
26 Øderud,Knut Privat 39:24 +22:07
27 Linde,Olav Privat 40:30 +23:13

Resultatliste Kvinner Løype: 1
Plass Navn
1 Brochmann,Lone Eiker O-Lag 20:39 +00:00
2 Sandnes,Anne Pir IL BIL 21:09 +00:30
3 Tverfjell,Solgunn Marita Privat 22:43 +02:04
4 Følling,Marianne Privat 23:39 +03:00
5 Kunz,Charlotte Lund tjukk og rund 24:16 +03:37
6 Huuse,Adelheid Mortensen OSI 26:11 +05:32
7 Langebeck,Marie Skimt 27:00 +06:21
8 Pedersen,Kristin Blomberg Ernst Og Young 27:33 +06:54
9 Øveraas,Tove Privat 27:56 +07:17
10 Vanessa,Vidal Privat 28:25 +07:46
11 Audestad,Ragnhild Romerike Ultraløperklubb 29:02 +08:23
12 Astad,Bente Privat 35:05 +14:26
13 Rustlie,Signy Henden Lørenskog 37:30 +16:51

The Video
Nothing from the race itself, but some footage from after the race.

The Story in Pictures
Waking up and not spotting a single cloud on the sky.

Packing your back pack and hitting the road in stead of  going to the office.

Getting that one available park for your city bike.

Waiting for the ferry even long before lunch time.

Finding the perfect spot in the sun...

... with a great friend ...
... and great food.

Flashing those snow white thighs of yours to get some tan.

Doing a brilliant race together with brilliant people.

Cool down with a nice swim in clear blue water.

Have a few good drinks and good food in good atmosphere.

And if that was not enough, experience the nicest sunset you've seen in a very long time.

Take these memories with you. Always remember days when life is beautiful.

More Pictures
Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

Once more Stian was at the island taking brilliant shots from the event. Check out his photos on this page.

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Top 10 alternatives to Gmail

Are you looking for an alternative to Gmail, and Hotmail is not what you are searching for? Well, here are some suggestions. Some solutions are reviewed, others are just mentioned.

1 : VXG |

This is a service for the selected few, that has some cash extra and wants to distinguish themselves from the rest. If you do like Google's products, like Gmail and Google Docs, but would like an exclusive email address, more storage and no ads, this is the solution for you. VXG is a paid solution. You do get more than 25 GB (yes, giga bytes) of storage with VXG. Of course, you can buy your own domain, start using Google Apps and get a similar experience (that requires some skills and takes time). What you really pay for here is being one exclusive member of the VXG club, and the only way to get a email address is to sign up.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

2 : Hush Mail |

A email company that focuses on security and encryption is Hushmail. While most other email companies are able to read your emails everything sent using Hushmail is encrypted. You can read more about how this works by clicking here, and read more about the security by clicking hereThe free service is only with a limited 25 MB of storage. (Note that you can achieve similar encryption using VXG or another mail solution by using's solution.)

Web interface.

3 : FastMail |

Opera's mail service has now tunrned into FastMail as well, as this service was acquired by Opera Software. The free version is quite limited in terms of space. 25 MB is nothing today. However it's an alternative worth checking out.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

4 : LavaBit |

An email alternative with the keywords privacy, flexibility and reliability. LavaBit offers a free 128 MB storage plan without ads, or a 1024 MB storage plan with adds.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

5 : Zoho Mail

| |

An alternative with quite a good web interface is Zoho. They have different plans, also free plans for emails.

Pricing plans.

Web interface.

And then you have other alternatives like
6 : Yahoo Mail |
7 : AOL Mail |
8 : |
9 : GMX |
10 : Rackspace |

And if you just need temporarily email addresses for verification purposes you have services like:
Guerrilla Mail |
Mailop |

keywords: email solution web solution review reviews reviewed mail electronic mail test tryout vs interface interfaces design functionality storage

The merge of two G+ accounts

In the beginning I used Google Plus, or G+, frequently. However Google messed up as they didn't synchronise Google Plus for Google Apps with normal Google accounts. The result was me, and several others, getting two Plus accounts. I started off using G+ with Gmail, and then I swapped and started using it with my VXG account. This all became too messy so I stopped using Plus. Click here for one of my final posts.

Google Takeout - The Remedy

Anyway, now there is a remedy to this problem. At least more or less. I hoped that there would be possible to fully merge two plus accounts into one. However that is not the case. But through Google Takeout there is an option to move your content from one account to another.

What this option does is to transfer all Google+ circles from a source account to a destination account. It also replaces your source profile with your destination profile in other people's circles, if the source and destination accounts do have the same name.

The transfer tool.

When the transfer process is initiated it will start after a seven day regret period. After this week there is no turning back (or, you can transfer everything back again, but first you will have to wait a minimum of six months). The transfer process itself will take about 48 hours to complete. As your source account will keep on living, and everything that you've posted using that account will still be available, this process is still not 100%. I guess people can still add your old source account in their circles, if they find some of your old content on Plus. I wish there would be a way to transfer old posts, pictures and what have you got, as well. One thing that will help a bit though is do make your old account unavailable in searches, through changing this option on your profile page.

From the source account to the destination account.

What will happen when transferring.

A Google+ circles transfer has been requested.

Click "Profile" > "Edit profile" > "Profile discovery" to disable profile discovery in search.

My source account before the transfer.

My destination account before the transfer.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sommerstevne III (2012)

Race #28 2012 - 100m - 13.10 [PB] - Race #29 - 200m - 26.64 [PB] - Tuesday 24th of July

Sommerstevne III at Bislett Stadium



Back at the track
Ingvill was there, running a 800m in 2:01.13, and Karoline was there running 3000m in 8:55. Several other great runners as well. And then there was Mr Me, Eddie the Eagle of athletics. If I had done length or height jumping I might have been called Frode the Frog due to my enormous leaping power abilities.

Strangely enough I was the only one in boardshorts at the track. Several asked me why I didn't wear tights.

Despite not being sponsored I have to once more brag about the Rip Curl Mirage series with ES3. It's like wearing nothing, and that is of course not at all like wearing tights.

One week has passed since my 400m run was done, and it was about time to visit Bislett Stadium once more. They needed someone to finish last this time as well. I planned to do a 200m. However as I arrived at Bislett 4:30 pm and saw the 200m starting 19:55 I decided to do a 100m at 18:05 in the meantime.

Doing two races in one evening is not optimal for performing at your best. At least not for me. Specially not when the start of race number two is delayed as well. In the end I waited more than 2 hours before I started the 200 meter. It was as some of the air went out of the balloon. The 200m time I do believe I can improve a bit. The 100m will be harder, as I'm not lightning fast. But nothing is impossible.

It's the first time I've ever done a 100m and a 200m race. It was definitively a new experience. In both races I ended up with stiff legs due to lactate. Annoying, but that is a part of the game. In both races I finished last as well. That was just as expected. If I was afraid of finishing last there would be a lot of things I couldn't have done.

Results, 100m heat 1.

Results, 200m heat 2.

Vive eX Gratia (VXG) can be translated with "live in grace".

Once more there was time for Solo (PB = Solo)!

Is it called a PB or a PR? I read somewhere that it's a PR (Personal Record) when at the track, and PB (Personal Best) for fun races and stuff. Not sure but as I'm used to the PB term so I'll stick with that for now.

The One New Sport A Year Challenge
As written about earlier my plan is to do one new sport every year. I used to do telemark skiing in my youth. The "one new sport a year challenge" started after that though. I think it was around 2006, when I started playing squash. I threw myself out in the deep water, playing contests. Guess what, I always lost. However I did learn and gradually became better. I 2007 I injured my knee, and I stopped playing squash. In 2008 I started mountain bike cycling. Same thing there, I did all the contests I had time to do. Some people call me "Mr All In", and I guess that is appropriate. Certain things I decide to do I do 100%, because I reckon it is heaps more fun that way. Sometimes I get bored and start with new things. Cycling was great fun until I crashed in 2009. So I started running and did set 10km and 21.1 km goals. In 2011 I started Krav Maga. That was very painful, and extremely hard trying to combine with running. This year I started running 400m. A totally new sport to me, as it is very different to running half marathons.

src: Wikipedia

Challenge your mind
A sound mind is as important as a sound body. There should be no doubt that doing things you don't know or are not good at is very good for the mind. Specially when it involves using your body. As you are learning new skills you can literally feel your brain patterns changing. You get tired in a very different way. Being in the comfort zone all the time is not a positive thing at all. I'm not at all not good enough challenging myself, but at least I'm aware that it's a good thing to do. I should start doing more things I'm really crap at. I've played with the idea of pole vaulting, but that might turn very ugly. We'll see, I'm sure I'm come up with something. In the meantime I'll keep running.

Mont-Blanc Marathon in Pictures

Below are some images from four of the 2012 Mont-Blanc Marathon events in Chamonix, France. You'll find photos of runners like Kilian Journet, Emanuel Vaudan, Christophe Perrillat, Anna Frost, Corinne Favre, Antonella Confortola to mention a few.

Disclaimer: Not all the photos are taken by me. More info on who the photographers are can be found on the index pages at

Vertical KM
View the pictures: slideshow | index page

Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

Mont-Blanc Cross
View the pictures: slideshow | index page

Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

Mont-Blanc 10km
View the pictures: slideshow | index page

Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

Mont-Blanc Marathon
View the pictures: slideshow | index page

Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

Check out this page for a video from the end of the marathon,
and this page for a race report of the 10 km.