Saturday, 16 June 2012

This Week In Pain (TWIP)

By the end of the track sessions I often do feel like a walker

Another week of pain at the track is over. Mr L was back after having been sick, Mr V is growing stronger and our Group of Pain has gotten some new members. This week Mr S and Mr RKM joined for the first time, and hopefully they'll be back next week as well.

Since last I've spent some time thinking of how to achieve a more correct stride. Before I started my 400meter project I had no clue how hard it was to run "correctly". In the search for better technique I found a nice video analysis of Chris Solinsky, worth checking out for everyone into running techniques.

Another fun link worth checking out is this page from, showing Olympic And World Records in all athletic events, with clickable links to convert length/distance or speed to other unit systems (e.g. yards or mph). I find it very fascinating seeing how inhumanly fast the best athletes are.

Mr V growing stronger in the sun.

Mr L show his back to me (again), Mr V, Mr S (new), Mr RKM (new) and Mr Jean aka. Mr Master of Pain.

Session 25 : 6 x 500m : Tuesday 12th of June
With Mr L back at the track it was heaps better doing intervals. While I struggle keeping an even pace Mr L is like a machine. If he says he'll do the intervals in 1:23 he does the intervals in 1:23. For every session Mr V is getting stronger as well. He is a true fighter.

Times: 1:25.6 - 1:25.6 - 1:27.5 - 1:31.6 - 1:27.2 - 1:27.1

Split times

Before I started the 400MP I thought my maximum heart rate was 193 bpm. Now my heart rate monitor records values on more than 200 at every session. Not sure if the recordings are correct though, since I'm having a lot of issues with my Garmin watch.

500m spike mat

211 bpm

210 bpm

Muscle-up day : Wednesday 13th of June
Had my best muscle-up session to date:

Results: 3x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 5x, 7x, 4x

Session 26 : 10 x 200m : Thursday 14th of June
Started more controlled than last Friday and achieved a far better result. At the last interval I had a proper fight with Mr V. We pushed each other to the limit, running like two noisy bulldozers. This time we had shorter pauses than at previous sessions. After my last interval I ran completely out of air and felt as if I was about to get chocked. I thought I would faint as it took several seconds before I managed to breath normal again. Slightly scary. Minutes later I got severe stomach cramps. My stomach muscles contracted and the pain raised to new levels. I could do nothing but laying there, screaming. It took a few minutes before the cramps stopped and I could smile once more. Life at the track is tough, even for mediocre runners.

Times: 30.2 - 30.6 - 29.9 - 29.7 - 30.1 - 29.2 - 29.9 - 30.1 - 29.6 - 28.2

Split times

Stomach cramps part 1 (photo by Mr V)

Stomach cramps part 2 (photo by Mr V)

Mr J got hooked on sprint and bought these top of the range 100m sprint shoes after his first session...

... and that was not wise. After his first session in these shoes he got injured. Maybe not that strange.

Mr TEN's shoes has been used two times before (or was it three)

Mr TEN waiting for his shoes to be photographed by me

Miss C, a future member on the sprint team?

Marte and Leni ready for their first 60m race ever

... and they ran the 60 m distance in 12.3 and got their first (unofficial) PB

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