Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Race against Time

The Race against Time
Thanks to @mka12345 I did discover one brilliant article about running, highly recommended for everyone doing sports.

Noakes’ pacing study showed that world record setters not only start fast; they also finish fast. This U-shaped pacing strategy appears to be hardwired in us, and has been observed in kids by the age of eleven or twelve. “It shows that our understanding of fatigue is totally wrong,” Noakes said. If fatigue stemmed from the progressive failure of our muscles, the finish would inevitably be the slowest part of the race. But it’s not.

Read The Race against Time here.

Shaving Time
It did help emailing the organisers complaining, my Karlstad time got corrected from 40:54 till 40:36. When I told Mr Jean about my result from Sweden he answered "That was not fast!".

The 400MP is the most agonising project I've ever done, no doubt about that.

Session 26 : 4 x 4 x 200m : Sunday 17th of June
Mr RG and Mr Me checked out the track in Karlstad. My legs were a tad tired from the 10km race the day before, however this middle distance session was a good one.

Mr RG, two watches and three shoes.

The Tingvalla track at Karlstad.

Split times.

Session 27 : 6 x 500m : Tuesday 19th of June
Due to windy conditions and a very demanding Mr Pain this session was quite mentally agonising. I ended up on my knees "screaming at the moose" (Norwegian expression). I didn't throw up though, just spitting and regurgitating. Mr Jean showed no mercy at all, and just told me to run faster, and faster, and faster. My basement is frequently visited. Very satisfied with managing six runs in sub 1:30 on the distance. Unfortunately I lost valuable time on my second interval as some annoying kids once more ran onto the track without using their eyeballs. By the way, I started the intervals in 1:25.4, which is my new unofficial PB on the distance.

Times: 1:25.41:29.0 (lost pace due to kids running onto track)1:26.71:27.31:29.41:28.1

Mr RKM was back and had his 500m debut with Mr Jean as Mr Pain. He survived!

Mr L in his most used position on the track, scouting for the rest of us after he finish an interval.

PB = Solo, a great tradition introduced by Mr V. Today it was my turn.

No PB = empty Solo bottle filled with water. Mr V is still growing stronger though.

Mr Jean joined to make sure I drank no more than one bottle.

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