Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Leave Phone Home Challenge - part 1

MoCh - Challenge #3 June 2012 - The Leave Phone Home Challenge

On my phone I use Google Authenticator for my VXG account and LastPass. I had to make sure my VXG was set up with my mobile, so that I could get codes via SMS. As well I chose to remember my work PC for 30 days, hence no new code needed for that period. As well I assigned my work PC as a trusted computer for LastPass.

VXG, though Google accounts. 2-step verification ftw!

LastPass, 2-step verification ftw!

On my phone I have SMS Backup + which lets me keep a log of phone calls and text messages in my VXG mail account.

VXG ftw!

The call log.

The SMS log.

As well I'm using DeskSMS which lets me read and answer texts on my PC.

Being able to read and answer texts from work, next to seeing missed phone calls, makes this challenge a lot easier. After work, before I get home (normally from 4 pm till 9 pm) there is no way for me to check SMS nor missed phone calls though. I have to say I really do like the liberating feeling of being a bit more "disconnected". This challenge is a great one.

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