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Join the 400m test race later this summer.

400m test race coming up
We'll do a 400m test run later this summer. One round, at maximum speed. Might do this in July, on Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd , Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th. If more people would like to join you're all welcome. The plan is to record times and film everyone. Stay tuned for more info.

Summary of Pain
I've now worked on the 400MP for a few weeks. I had my first track session on the 20th of March, and the progress since then has been good. However it goes up and down, and this week was a tough one. On session 22 and 23 I struggled finding the correct pace, and the intervals became too uneven. Mr Jean is expecting me to run faster than (I feel) I'm capable of. Doing 10 x 400m at 66-68 seconds or 10 x 250m at 36-38 is too fast for both my mind and body.

I have to say I do find this project very interesting, and fun. However is a serious challenge for my mentality. It's as being told to run as fast as you can straight into a stone wall. You know that it will hurt like hell when you hit the wall. Your body is crying for you to stop and lay down, all your instincts tells you to take it easy, your head is hurting and your limbs are numb. Even though, your mind has to overcome the barrier and you have to force yourself to yet another interval. That is the only way to improve.

My goal for the 400MP is sub 60 seconds on 400m. I do believe that I'm close. I kept a 59.2 seconds pace for 250 meters on session 23. I would have managed to keep that pace for another 50 meter. What I do not know is if I'll manage the final 100m fight against the acid.

By the way, I've discovered that there are "six phases of pain" after a tough interval session. The images below, of Mr V, describes them.

Phase one : immediately : realising the body isn't working and having to lay down.

Phase two : 1st minute : being satisfied, or unsatisfied with your time, while the discomfort gets stronger and stronger.

Phase three : 1 - 5 minutes : trying to get back up on your feet to get some sort of sympathy or at least a pat on the shoulder from the coach.

Phase four : 5 - 6 minutes : realising there is no comfort to get from anyone, and that the sickness doesn't go away.

Phase five : 6 - 20 minutes : being alone, feeling sorry for yourself, while the lactic acid torture continues.

Phase six : 20 - 30 minutes : back on the grass for the Nth time, while the world is spinning and the stars are dancing in front of your eyes. The only thing that keeps you awake is the dream of a cold Solo.

Session 21 : 8 x 60m : Saturday 2nd of June

Track session with Mr TEN. 2x4 60 meters. 2.5 minutes pauses in between the intervals, 8 min pause in between the two sets. My two fastest 60 meters were done in 7.87 (5th interval) and 7.92 (7th interval) seconds. Compared to a proper timing system, in stead of timing it yourself, I should add 0.5 seconds (at least). Last four intervals were done using brand new spike shoes.

Times: 8.9 - 8.5 - 8.5 - 8.4 - 7.9 - 8.1 - 7.9 - 8.1

New shoes, with spikes.

adidas adizero MD 2.

Spikes and Mr TEN.

7.87 new unofficial PB on the 60m.

No wonder Mr TEN is fast, he can fly!

Mr J (new), Mr TEN in the background and Mr V running.

Session 22 : 10 x 400m : Tuesday 5th of June
My mind was not with me. I became to passive. The plan was trying to run now slower than 68. I failed. Satisfied with the last interval though. Running 64 didn't feel that bad. Miss Liz (new), Miss C, Mr V and Mr Me was running. Mr L was sick.

Times: 70.3 - 72.6 - 72.1 - 72.0 - 69.1 - 67.5 - 68.8 - 71.3 - 69.1 - 64.2

Bislett Games / Diamond League : Thursday 7th of June
Our normal Thursday at the track was postponed so that we could enjoy Bislett Games in stead. Miss C made her debut on the 1500m there while Mr Jean, Mr Me and a few others were watching. Mr Bolt was at the track as well. However I was too busy helping people finding their seats from seeing him entering the track in the Il Tempo Gigante.

Usain Bolt entering Bislett Stadium in Il Tempo Gigante from Flåklypa Grand Prix (disclaimer: photo by AFP /

3000m steeple woman, think this is Milcah Chemos, Sofia Assefa and Hiwot Ayalew (results).

Miss C on her 1500m debut. First round.

Second round.

Final 150 meters. 4:38.88 and a new PB (results).

Voluntary work by SK Vidar.

Henrik, Christopher, Espen and the rest of "Team Blue".

Elise and me aimed for the sun.

5 pm and a quiet before the events starts.

The last years the rain has been pouring down. Looked bad now as well, but not a single raindrop did fall.

A perfect day for Bislett Games.


A great crowd.

400m hurdles (results) .

Peeps without tickets.

Session 23 : 10 x 250m : Friday 8th of June
Mr Jean told me I had to run in 36 - 38 seconds, and that is what I tried doing. I left my brain at the north end of the track and gave everything. That lasted for two intervals. On my third interval a "blind" girl ran straight out in front of me and I lost all my speed. After the fourth interval I almost puked. I was, once more completely wasted. Even my balls were aching of pain from lactic acid. Interval five till eight I had nothing to give. Luckily I felt better towards the end and the last interval became the fastest. Mr V was extremely strong today and Mr Jean got very impressed my both his mentality and strength. It's crazy that both Tuesday and Thursdays now has become such painful days.

Times: 38.1 - 37.7 - 40.6 (stupid girl runs onto track) - 39.1 - 43.1 - 42.2 - 42.3 - 42.9 - 40.3 - 37.1

Mr Jean, the man in charge of the pain sessions.

Mr V doing the a new hell drill. 2 x 100 knee lifts.

And for those who do wonder:


  1. Morten Magelssen10 June 2012 at 11:26

    Blir gjerne med på 400 m testløp, hold meg oppdatert om tid og sted. Leser din lesverdige blogg fast nå.

    1. Takk for det Morten. Stas at du er klar for testløp. Jeg kommer med ytterligere informasjon her senere! Vi prates.


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