Thursday, 28 June 2012

Elevation Gain

Mr LG and Mr RG scouting for new mountain trails in Chamonix.

I'm conveniently located in Chamonix with good friends, where I run and play a lot. In two days I'll do a 10km terrain race. Do check this article from for more information.

Day 1

Day 3

Monday, 25 June 2012


Session 29 : 15 x 200m : Saturday 23rd of June
Mr Eiksund organised a session with the ever fastest woman on the 800m in Norway, Ingvill Måkestad Bovim (wikipedia | blog | twitter). Ingvill is travelling to Finland, Helsinki this Wednesday for the 21st European Athletics Championships. Later this summer she set sails for the UK and London for representing the Norwegian colours in the 2012 Olympics on the 1500m event.

15 x 200m was on the program, and the session was supposed to be a light one. However, what is a light session for Ingvill is not a light session for an average runner. Having done St. Hansgaloppen a few hours earlier didn't improve my situation either. I got quite puffed out, and had to kneel during the breaks.

It was a great experience, running with Team Bovim. Following Ingvill in the European Championships and the London Olympics is going to be very exciting. I'll be standing in front of the telly crossing my fingers while cheering.

Good luck!

From the left: Mr Eiksund, Kjetil Måkestad, Ingvill Måkestad Bovim and Frode Bovim.

Keeping up with Ingvill is not easy, despite she having a light session.

Knut Jæger Hansen, the man in charge.

Ready, Set ...

Mr Eiksund had done St. Hansgaloppen the night before as well.

Sound and smiling.

The boys can run, but Ingvill runs faster.

My split times, several seconds slower than Ingvill.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

St. Hansgaloppen (2012)

Race #19 2012 - 14.4km - 60:44 [PB]

This race is one of my favourite races thoughout the season. Running through the mild Norwegian summer night with loads of wonderful people, followed by a after run "party" with free waffles can't go wrong.

Note that this race is also known as "Vaffelgaloppen", and I do believe it was Mr Bengt that started using that name.

View the race track on Google Maps by clicking here.

Far from flat, which I love due to my strong liking of running fast downhill.

Two years ago (read my report here) Mr Leira and me ended up chasing each other, one year ago (read my report here) it was Mr Bengt and me that pushed each other around the lake. This year Bengt and I was ready for a new tough duel in the dusk. A duel we had been talking about since last year's race.

In case you did wonder why the name "Vaffelgaloppen" is used for this race. Rolf still going strong.

Being tired from a solid strength training session at the muscle factory, and having gotten an invitation to run intervals with Ingvill M Bovim and her team the next morning, I seriously considered taking it very slow around the lake this year. However I planned to make Mr Bengt sweat for the money and scare him from the start. Hence I started off heaps faster than I ever do in a race. The first km in the race is easy, but 3:41 is still a good opening pace. I decided to keep going to keep the pressure on Mr Bengt a bit longer and finished the second km in 4:07. There where I ran, with my camera, taking photos of surrounding runners, I realised it was not at all hard keeping that pace. Hence I decided just to keep going more or less as I started, running a lot faster than planned. I started singing on the Usain Bolt mix "When I got the energy, I get the speed, No matter who you are, no matter what you doing, You not gonna catch me, you not gonna beat me..." and saw no signs of Mr Bengt in the forest. I completed the race in 60:44, more than three minutes faster than last year.

src : twitter

St. Hansgaloppen is highly recommended for everyone wanting to experience a unique and beautiful running experience. In the moment of writing, more than 24 hours since I finished the race, I'm still high on adrenaline and waffles.

Click the image to view a slideshow with all photos.

4th place in my age group and a new PB. Will sub 60 at Vaffelgaloppen become my new sub 60 goal?

View all the results here.

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Saturday, 23 June 2012


First I did a 6x muscle ups, then I decided to try to set a new PB. Of course, doing six first was far from optimal. However, despite of crap technique on the last ones, I did manage 9. One to go and the MUP12 project goal has been reached.


Mr Freaky - Massive Edition.

Session 28 : 10 x 300m : Thursday 21st of June
Had our last session with Mr Jean before our holidays. After the crazy Tuesday session I was mentally drained and found it extremely hard to mobilise.

Times: 48.2 - 48.2 - 45.2 - 46.6 - 49.0 - 49.2 - 50.3 - 51.0 - 48.4 - 47.0

Split times.

The boys.

New tradition: last session before the holidays = Solo!

45.2, my new unofficial 300m PB.

Mr CD.

Mr B, slightly exhausted from a hard session at the muscle factory.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Getting Stressed?

When searching for "causes of stress" and checking the results a few keywords pop up over and over again. I do realise I've got a reason or two for being stressed, because the keywords listed are quite relevant to me.

Injuries or failing health is listed as an very important source for stress. I've always been very satisfied being fit and healthy and has never worried too much about health. OK, I did get an ACL injury in 2007, but it was not that serious and it went very well. However this did change last year. Then I got myself a surprise as it was established that I had a condition people at my age very seldom get. The condition needs to be taken serious, but there are a lot of far worse thing to get out there.

A few weeks later I discovered that my right pupil was bigger (or was it smaller, can't remember in the moment of writing) than my left pupil. Some causes that might result in different pupil sizes are internal bleeding inside the skull, brain tumour or for example sudden hits to the neck causing nerve damage. Very abrupt the doctor arranged with a MRI scan appointment and made a reservation with a neurologist. I realised that my life could change dramatically. During the time I had to wait for the scan and the results I sure did a lot of thinking. What if I was told I had one more year to live, would I be doing what I was doing? The answer to that was a loud and clear "no". I would have quit work, sold my apartment and spent time on creating something. Something creative, my own project, that could outlast me. Based on this experience I made a list of things to do in case something serious would show up as a result of the scan.

I will never forget the day I got the envelope containing the results. It was a beautiful sunny day. To most people it must have been a great day. To me it was a day where time stood still. I brought the letter with me, went out and sat down on a bench in a park. I knew my life could be turned upside down. Just a few days earlier I had not even considered that anything at all could be wrong with me. Now I was very uncertain. I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. I unfolded it, took a deep breath and started reading. The verdict was there, black letters on a white piece of paper that was extra bright in the sunlight. Some words would define if I ended up laying down crying or standing up laughing of relieve. Thankfully the latter was the case. The result was negative. Nothing wrong was discovered. A heavy load was lifted off my chest.

At the same time it reminded me of how fragile life is. How quickly things can be turned upside down when you least expect it. I decided to follow the list I had made, to some degree. Because even thought the pictures showed nothing negative it is impossible to know what the future will bring. Life can change in less than a second. And it is always too late to do anything about your past. My goal with the list was to try to live more today, and plan less for tomorrow. Because tomorrow might never come. I'm struggling to follow this plan though. It's very far from easy. I can't go around living every day as it was my last either. Some plans needs to be made. Much of the society is also formed in a way expecting everyone living for tomorrow. Work hard for your money, buy expensive things and save for the future. I've done several changes lately though as a result of "my list". I've swapped jobs, I've moved, I've starting some fun projects, like the MUP12 and the 400MP. I'm working on a book project, despite that progress being very slow. I'm getting rid of stuff I don't need and things that consumes time I feel non-constructive for me. So far the changes I've done feels correct. But there are more to come. I'll play more, I'll create more and I'll have more fun, today, and tomorrow if tomorrow comes.

Me, my brain. Doing the scan was a horrible experience. Stuck inside a tiny nosy tube.

Family and life changes
Family and life changes are other important causes of stress. In three years I went from being along, to living with a girlfriend, to getting married, to moving to a new country on the other side of the planet, to getting divorced. And the divorce was far from a smooth one. I think that do satisfies as "family change". In total I've moved five times during the last 1.5 years.

Work changes
Changing work can be very stressful as well. In January I started in a new job. A job in many ways being quite different to my previous one. Different tasks and more responsibility. Luckily to me the changes in work has been nothing but positive. However, it still has been stressful, at times.

Lacking money, or losing money, is also an important source for stress. Due to my catastrophe marriage I did lose a very sufficient amount. Several hundred thousand Norwegian kroner as a direct loss. However I can easily argue I've lost heaps more than a million kroner due to being outside of the real estate market in a period where the prices has gone sky high. In many ways I had to start from scratch again, something that is challenging.

Being busy
Constantly being busy, having things to do, never having time to sit down and relax. That is another cause of stress. Those keywords do describe my life. Since 2006 till today I've only had two proper holidays where I did nothing but relaxing. And each of those two holidays lasted for one week only. I've constantly had some projects going on. Many of them being fun, but too many has felt like a total waste of time.

And there is more
And these are just the things that has happened recently. Throughout my life there has been a lot more that can easily be labelled as major sources for stress.

Am I stressed?
Despite everything that has happened, and everything still going on, I do believe I manage very well. However at times I do feel stressed. I feel that it's limited what new "projects" I can take on-board. To me being stressed is not a state I want to be in. It's not when I'm stressed I feel happy. When I'm stressed and have too much on my mind I do not have time nor energy for doing any creative work. And creating something, whether it's being a still photography, a blog post or a computer program, is very important to me. Lately I've done a lot more creative stuff than in a very long period of time, hence I do know I'm moving in the right direction. An important medicine for surviving, without getting too stressed, is exercise. It's absolutely amazing what a long run in the forest do if you've got too much on your mind. If I did not exercise I'm sure I would not at all been where I am today. I would have hit the wall long ago, in great speed, unsure if I would have managed to ever get up again.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Day with Hedda and Helene

A couple a years ago I spent one day with Hedda and Helene and shot some footage for "Life in a Day". Unfortunately I only had an old camera available, hence the crap video quality. My footage made it to the "finals", but was sadly never picked for the final film.

The action takes place in Lysakerelva in Oslo, a magical place in the heart of the capital.

The Race against Time

The Race against Time
Thanks to @mka12345 I did discover one brilliant article about running, highly recommended for everyone doing sports.

Noakes’ pacing study showed that world record setters not only start fast; they also finish fast. This U-shaped pacing strategy appears to be hardwired in us, and has been observed in kids by the age of eleven or twelve. “It shows that our understanding of fatigue is totally wrong,” Noakes said. If fatigue stemmed from the progressive failure of our muscles, the finish would inevitably be the slowest part of the race. But it’s not.

Read The Race against Time here.

Shaving Time
It did help emailing the organisers complaining, my Karlstad time got corrected from 40:54 till 40:36. When I told Mr Jean about my result from Sweden he answered "That was not fast!".

The 400MP is the most agonising project I've ever done, no doubt about that.

Session 26 : 4 x 4 x 200m : Sunday 17th of June
Mr RG and Mr Me checked out the track in Karlstad. My legs were a tad tired from the 10km race the day before, however this middle distance session was a good one.

Mr RG, two watches and three shoes.

The Tingvalla track at Karlstad.

Split times.

Session 27 : 6 x 500m : Tuesday 19th of June
Due to windy conditions and a very demanding Mr Pain this session was quite mentally agonising. I ended up on my knees "screaming at the moose" (Norwegian expression). I didn't throw up though, just spitting and regurgitating. Mr Jean showed no mercy at all, and just told me to run faster, and faster, and faster. My basement is frequently visited. Very satisfied with managing six runs in sub 1:30 on the distance. Unfortunately I lost valuable time on my second interval as some annoying kids once more ran onto the track without using their eyeballs. By the way, I started the intervals in 1:25.4, which is my new unofficial PB on the distance.

Times: 1:25.41:29.0 (lost pace due to kids running onto track)1:26.71:27.31:29.41:28.1

Mr RKM was back and had his 500m debut with Mr Jean as Mr Pain. He survived!

Mr L in his most used position on the track, scouting for the rest of us after he finish an interval.

PB = Solo, a great tradition introduced by Mr V. Today it was my turn.

No PB = empty Solo bottle filled with water. Mr V is still growing stronger though.

Mr Jean joined to make sure I drank no more than one bottle.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Spenol bodylotion - my absolute favourite

Big news: I've finally discovered my favourite bodylotion!

Back in 1979 I spent heaps of time on the Internet searching for the perfect lotion.

As my dear readers know I train extremely hard and very frequently, hence I shower more or less all day long. This next to spending hours in the sun working on my perfect tan dries my skin. Consequently it is absolutely crucial for me with a good bodylotion. I've been on the search for the best bodylotion on the market since I was four years old. Hold tight peeps, now I have found the solution! It is the Spenol body lotion that I've now used for half a year. And I've no longer got dry legs, elbows or hands. I'm not even dry behind my ears any longer. My skin feels marvellous and soft, just like the finest silk for far far East. At the same time Spenol adds ingredients to my body that stimulates the cell generation, even of my brain cells. For every day I use Spenol I grow smarter. Crazyiness, I know, but true.

When I was 10 years old I tried Cultura as my lotion. Didn't work that well. If I only had known about Spenol back then.

When I was at training camp in Kenya, working on my sub 30 seconds 400m goal, I got sun burnt. However after I used Spenol the red skin immediately turned golden brown. Spenol is even frictionless against O2, and I have achieved heaps better times as a direct result of using this bodylotion. And hold on, there is even more, Spenol can be used for people with teats and udders as well!

When I'm not at the track running fast I chill out in my pool working on my tan.

I've not only become more handsome, more self confident, faster, stronger, gotten a better V02 max and gotten smarter due to using this bodylotion. I've also become a lot richer. This is due to Nycomed paying me loads for writing this blog post. I'm just completely stoked that a wonder product like Spenol exists. It's like the future right here and now. And what a wonderful future, this future gives you the WOW FEELING!

I'm looking forward till tomorrow when I'll once more hit the track, run 10 x 400m in 40 seconds, take a nice and hot shower and massage my flawless body with Spenol before I'll drop by the city and search for some hot chicks. The lucky once will spend the night with me. Disclaimer: I can do no more than 20 in one night, hahahahahaha!!!!!!

Till next time.

xxx Luv from Frod3 xxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Karlstad Stadslopp (2012)

Race #17 2012 - 10km - 40:36 [SB]

Karlstad Stadslopp (

Running towards a brighter future.

Back in Karlstad
Back in Karlstad with great people from SK Vidar this year as well. Check out my race report from 2011 here. Last year it was warm an humid, this time the forecast indicated a very wet experience. The good thing was that the rain never came so we could even sit in the sun and enjoy the "after-race-party" (bankett).


Sportsklubben Vidar (

The Swedes were very happy to see us back in Karlstad and did celebrate.

Entering the hotel in style is always important. Mr RG won this time, but I will be back!

Miss C stretching her legs during the morning run.

Mr Me.
Jack came second in his age group, Urige won the entire race and Dadafo came second overall.

Mr Buta getting ready for another run. He took it easy and finished in 29:33.

The temptations were many, however I waited visiting the bishop until after the race.

Jens-Kristian won his age group with the time 33:00.

Tone finished first of the girls, followed by Christina on second. 

Relax to the left, and to the right...

... there was bankett!

Capacity Planning
I had the impression that my negative experience from last year's race was an exception, and that the Swedes were far better at organising races than the Norwegians. After the brilliantly organised GöteborgsVarvet I definitively thought the Swedes were superior in terms of capacity planning of toilets, and the latter seems to be the case as well though.

At Karlstad there were 4428 participants this year, and the organisers had 15 toilets outdoor, 25 toilets indoor and 10 urinals indoor and outdoor. In total 50 toilets, which is not a bad number. However it is not good enough. According to the triathlete Kristin Lie an average pre race toilet visit takes 1:20 (yes, I actually did ask her for her opinion on the matter, and she has done some recordings of the results). If we add another 10 seconds to that average, for those not being as efficient, we can use 1 minute and 30 seconds as a sane average toilet time.

Assuming that 87.5%, or 3500, of all runners need to visit the toilet during the last hour we do get:
Arrival rate is: λ = 58.33 runners / minute.
Service time (toilet time) is: Rs = 1.5 minutes
The service rate (toilet visitors per minute) is: μ = 1 / 1.5 = 0.67 customers per minute
Wait time (max) we set to: Rw = 8.5 minutes (we want no one to wait for more than 8.5 minutes)
Response time: R = Rw + Rs = 8.5 + 1.5 = 10 minutes

Arrival rate for 8.5 minutes wait time is:
R = 1 / (μ − λ) ⇒ λ = (Rμ - 1) / R = (10*0.67 - 1) / 10 = 5.7 / 10 = 0.57

So there should be more than 0.57 customers per minute, however in Karlstad my estimates shows that there might have been 0.67 customers per minute. Another problem in Karlstad was that there were no toilets in close proximity to the start, so most people did use the surrounding areas / parks / gardens and what have you got. Not everyone knew about the indoor toilets either, hence the load on the outdoors once where higher than necessary. The result in Karlstad was long toilet queues and trashing. However it was far better than for example Sentrumsløpet 2012 in Oslo, that in comparison had more than 9000 runners and only 26 toilets (major fail in capacity planning). The start number pick-up and registration area seemed well organised though.

Time seems to be difficult for the organisers. According to their home page Tone ran in 32:09. OK, she is fast, but she was not that fast this time. Her official time was 34:09. And as last year several runners, including me, got times that were off.



The organisers of the event, IF Göta Karlstad.

View the race track on Google Maps by clicking here.

My Race
Prior to this race I hadn't done a 10km (or longer) run since GöteborgsVarvet in mid May. This is due to my 400MP where I'm in stead spending several hours at the track running shorter distances. I'm used to keeping a better pace now compared to last year, but since my longest intervals has been 600m I was unsure how fast I could run a 10km. By the end of last year I managed to run the distance in 39:33 at Hytteplanmila, and I had a tiny hope that I would manage another sub 40 race now as well. Hence I decided to to start at a 4:00 - 4:05 pace just to see how it did feel and how far I could come in that pace. I even tried waking up my body with a pre race run on the day. Never done that before, I'll might do it again though cause it felt great.

I tried something new this time. A run a few hours before a race. (src: twitter)

src: / photo: Runar Gilberg

Unfortunately I was far too passive at the beginning of the race and ended behind a lot of runners being heaps slower than me. Trying to run past them was not easy and when I reached the 3km sign in 12:40.5 I realised I had ruined a possible sub 40 run. However I decided to run faster the remaining distance and increased the pace. The next seven kilometres were completed in a 4:00 pace. According to my watch I completed in about 40:40. However Emit added some penalty seconds to my time this year, as last year, and  my official time became 40:54.1. The Emit timing system is not known for being accurate. Christopher, that started right in front of me and finished after me, got the official time 40:46.3. I think the formula is something like:
Accurate time = Emit time +/- 20 seconds.
At least it was a SB, even using the Emit time, and that is something.

src: Emit inaccurate timing systems

UPDATE (19/6 2012):
After I contacted the organisers and told them my registered time being off they checked their systems and found that my correct time was 40:36.4.

One email and my time was shaved with about 18 seconds.

Several runners did very well today and SK Vidar did deliver overall. In the women's group Tone won and Miss C came second. In the men's group Urige won and Dadafo came second. Jack ran very well as well and came second in his age group. And Espen and his PB team also ran very fast.

More Pictures
Click the image below for a slideshow of more than 100 photos from the event.
Click image for slideshow.

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