Thursday, 24 May 2012


Ella Fitzgerald once did sing "Summertime and the livin' is easy". I do believe this is especially relevant if living in one of the countries far away from the equator, like Norway. Life is a lot easier during summer. One reason being that it's light outside when you go to work and when you leave work. In 1980 summertime (or daylight-saving as it's called in the US) was made permanent in Norway. The reason for introducing summertime was for evenings to have more daylight.

Standard time
I don't think "wintertime" is a valid expression. In Norway though we use "vintertid" for describing the period in between summertime. I reckon the correct notion should be "standard time". The standard time is the original time. The way time has been used for a very long period of time, before the introduction of summertime, which normally is standard time + 1 hour.

Summertime all year long
Last year the Russians did put their clocks to summertime all year long. Personally I reckon that is a great idea, as going back to standard time is nothing but depressing. Next to being cold it suddenly gets a lot darker. Many more than me have the same perception of having a year long summertime.

Jenny Klinge wants summertime all year long.
Jon Erland Madsen wants summertime all year long.
Many on Facebook wants summertime all year long.
The Brits wants summertime all year long.
The Russians wanted summertime all year long and now they've got it.

Let's do it
So why can't we have summertime all year long here in Norway? Let's do it!

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