Friday, 25 May 2012

Prepare for Hades

Summer, Summer, Summer!

Session 18 : 10 x 150m : Thursday 24th of May
Short distance, more speed. Still getting the headache, but at least nice being at the track when it's summer. Had a proper fight with Mr V at the last interval. Darn that guy is fast when he decides to give everything. It's just the mind that is limiting him.

My new 150m PB: 20.67 seconds.

Today's times on the distance:
22.1 - 22.7 - 21.9 - 21.7 - 21.2 - 21.7 - 22.2 - 21.9 - 21.4 - 20.7

Spit times.

We also got the entire program for next week. The coming week will be the hardest week by far. I even heard some rumours about Hades dropping by track. Tuesday: 10 x 600m, Thursday: 20 x 200m with running pauses.

Hades (src:

Mr Me: "So why are you doing this type of training?"
Frode: "I have a goal of running 400m in less than 60 seconds."
Mr Me: "But it sounds very painful."
Frode: "Yes, it is."
Mr Me: "So you like pain?"
Frode: "No."
Mr Me: "But is this training fun then?"
Frode: "Well... ehh, if it's not painful it is fun."
Mr Me: "But it is painful, hence it's no fun. Right?"
Frode: "Do you have other questions?"
Mr Me: "No."

Mr V got very frustrated when he was unable to find his right earring he lost during the last interval.

Mr B and Mr Jean.

Afterwards Miss C and Mr Ringom joined for some bench press in the sun.

Norwegian Championships
I searched the Net, and came over this document with my name in it. It shows statistics from last year, of "oldies" like me having done the 400m. And guess what, I was the 7th fastest guy on the distance. That shows how extremely few who are running 400m in my age group.

Norway: 2011 - Outdoor / Men 35-39 years (src:

Comparing with the fastest my time is nothing but crap. To be able to set a new record with my PB I would have to compete in one of the 70+ age groups.

Norwegian Veteran Records (src:

However, despite not being able to set a new record I am seriously considering to pack my shorts and drop by Stavanger in September, for the Norwegian Masters Championship 2012. Maybe I'll manage to talk Mr V into participating as well (more info for the veterans can be found at


Most likely I'll do the 5 km at Sandefjordsløpet at Saturday. If my legs are rested I'll try to set a new PB on the distance. My old one is as weak as 19:47 so it should not be too hard. However, you'll never know.

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