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Session 12 : 3 x 200m : Sunday 6th of May


On Sunday I did learn about the four Ps and the different phases of a 400m race. I met up with Mr Ice and his friend Anders at Stovnerbanen. Anders, and his brother, has been and still are very decent 400m runners. Anders' PB being 47-something. He was the one telling me about the phases of a 400m.

Mr Ice.

Push (0-100m)  : push yourself out of the blocks to near top speed.
Pace (100-200m) : keep the pace.
Position (200-300m) : position yourself.
Pray (300-400m) : pray that you'll last.

Anders, that used to run and win for SK Vidar.

Best tip of the day:
- Push through the start. Accelerate while staying "down" and pushing forward (I got up too quickly).

I did 3 x 200m. Neither my legs nor my body felt very light from Råskinnet the day before, but after warming up I felt a lot better. I discovered that I'm not as fast as I should be and that 200m can be hard as well. The last 50m it was difficult running straight.

28.15, my new/first unofficial personal best on the 200m.

The first 200m was completed in 34.3, then the pace was increased and the second was done in 29.3. The final 200m I gave everything and finished it in 28.2 (watch said 28.15 - unofficial PB). It's the first time ever I've tried doing a 200m on the track at my fastest. It is depressing realising how hard a sub 30 run on that distance is to me. I need to shave my PB with at least a second. Hopefully I would be able to run slightly faster if I'm rested though, otherwise doing a 400m in sub 60 will be quite difficult.

The wheat roll.

After the track session I went to Olympiatoppen. On my way there I did drop by Joker Nordberg in Carl Kjelsens vei. I got one wheat roll, put in a plastic bag and walked over to the cashier to pay. The woman behind the counter looked at me, then opened the bag and grabbed the roll with her dirty fingers. She lifted the roll up in front of my face.

"You have to buy five of these!" she told me in an irritated voice.
"Why?" I did answer.
She: "Because we only sell them in 5-packs."
Me: "How should I know, it said nowhere. I only want one."
She: "We don't sell them single."
Me: "Then I do not want it."
She: "OK then, you'll get it for 3 kr."
She squeeze the roll with her dirty money fingers as she did put it back in the plastic bag. I paid the 3 kr, went out and threw it in the bin.

Outside Olympiatoppen I met Mr B. We chilled out in the sun, and realised that at Sogsvann sprint wear is the new fashion.

Mr B.

The 2012 running fashion.

I also discovered that the sink at Olympiatoppen, which I did clog the day before from washing my legs after Råskinnet, still wasn't fixed. I had told them how stupid I had been the day before, but had to let them know once more. In the end it got sorted though.

Nothing goes down the drain.

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