Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Summer is back in town, and I LOVE IT!

The track is waiting.

The 400m team is growing. From the left: Norwegian record holder in bench press, Master in Charge, previously one of Norway's best decathlon athlete and the fastest Norwegian on the 400m in 2010 (photo by: Mr NoOne aka. Mr Me).

Session 17 : 10 x 500m : Tuesday 22nd of May
Another Tuesday of Pain. However, this time I had my first "boom" at the track. It was painful, it always will be, but I felt stronger than ever before. It's a good feeling, that lasted until Mr Jean, aka. Mr Pain, told me that 10 x 600m was on the program next week.

On today's session we tried keeping five minutes pauses. Towards the end when my head was hurting due to the lactic acid I wished we had longer breaks though.

I did the intervals in: 1:31.3 - 1:29.2 - 1:30.3, 1:29.6 - 1:30.1 - 1:32.6 - 1:30.8 - 1:32.0 - 1:29.2 - 1:26.2. Much thanks to Mr L, the fastest Norwegian on the 400m last year, pulling me around in an extremely even pace. We were all strong today. We gave "full powers".

Mr V did deliver.

Mr Jean was happy.

Mr TEN dropped by and showed us how to jump on one leg.

And Mr B was tanning. It was all perfect.

Split times.

Check out my previous 10 x 500m session here.
And for those of you who do wonder, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plenipotentiary.

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