Saturday, 12 May 2012

Photo blogging

Here are some tips on how "photoblogging" can be done, and how to integrate posts with your main Blogger blog. In this example I'm using Blogger, flickr and Android.

1) Set up a separate blog for your photos
Added a new photo blog / photolog / photoblog with the simple name morphogenetially created.

2) Go to's sharing page and add your newly created blog.

Add Blogger as a site

Grant access.

Chose your photo blog.

All set.

3) Install flickr on your phone

flickr app

4) Integrate your photo blog with your normal blog, using RSS feed.

5) Start photo blogging
Nexus S to the world.

The result.

The flickr app on Android is not exactly brilliant, so in stead you can use the Blogger app to push pictures directly to your blog. The problem then is that you won't be able to upload full size images, and you won't have your photos stored in flickr.

An alternative solution, not using flickr at all, is using Instagram and Snapwidget to integrate images to your blog. However then your visitors won't be able to comment your photos in Blogger.

Adding the Snapwidget.

The Snapwidget widget.

You can also use the flickr widget / gadget, found in Blogger, for presenting images from flickr directly.
The Flickr Photostream Blogger gadget.

In action.

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