Thursday, 10 May 2012

No Woman, No Cry

Today's spike mat.

Session 14 : 10 x 150m : Thursday 10th of May
I'll soon skip mentioning the warm-up sessions, as they're pretty much the same every time. Today we did slow jog, 3 x 50m "high knee lift", 3 x 50m "heel to bum" and 3 x 50m "slow sprint" on the grass. Mr Jean only dropped by to hand over details about the session. It is truly amazing what he does, for someone like me (read: not exactly the most talented guy on the track). Despite it only being seven degrees and pouring down Mr V joined today's session as well. Hopefully he'll soon be a permanent member of "The Team of Pain", as it's heaps more fun being two than running on your own.

The program was doing 150m intervals. The start should be fast. Push to quickly get up in 80% speed. Keep that pace through out the turn, for the first 50 meters. Then accelerate to 85-90% of maximum pace. I felt very tired before the session, and during the warm up. However, as soon I started it felt a lot better. The legs were OK, and I managed to get up in pace. Doing two slow rounds around Sognsvann the day before (during SRM) obviously wasn't a bad move.

I ended up running faster than 85-90%. I guess I was more at 95-100% towards the end of each interval. I felt OK until the 7th interval, which was done that little half second too fast (22.9 seconds). I ended up with lactic acid and started feeling sick once more. Hence the final three intervals became harder, which wasn't the point of today's session. Next Thursday I'll try to behave.

I struggle with the start, as I'm quite slow on getting up in pace. Mr V in comparison reaches a much higher pace in a much shorter distance.

The track were full of idiots (pardon me, but I'm starting getting very annoyed) this time as well. Children walking in the innermost lanes, without using their eyeballs. Some joggers running there with headphones. A group of kids doing drills all over the track, and all sorts of weird people with no clue what a sudden impact with an item of 80 kg moving in 25 km/h can lead to.

Why this title of the post you might wonder. The reason for Mr Jean not being able to hang out during today's session was partly him having to spend time with his wife. When I told him I was divorced he quoted Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry".

Next up is "Painful Tuesday". This time 10 x 400m in sub 70 sec is on the program. Since I'll do a half marathon on Saturday I'm not too optimistic. I'll do my best though, and give everything, but I might collapse once more. Mr V will join as well, for the first six intervals.

Today's splits.

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