Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Less Social, More Sleep Challenge - part 1

MoCh - Challenge #2 May 2012 - The Less Social, More Sleep Challenge

May 2012, a month with less social media and more sleep! The May 2012 challenge is a result of sleeping too little and wasting too much time on Facebook and other social media sites.

The two "simple" rules for the "Less Social, More Sleep" challenge:
- Do not use or log into Facebook, Google+, Foursquare or any other social media on the phone, computer or what have you got (Twitter, Instagram and Blogger are allowed).
- Be in bed by 10 pm before every workday. I can read but have to close my eyes by 11pm at the latest.

I started by uninstalling Foursquare from my phone (I didn't have Facebook from before). Then I searched for some tools to block Facebook from my Chrome browser. Found this site and and chose tinyFilter.


... to ...

... Foursquare!

In case of bad memory or weak moments.

Yeah, block that evil time-wasting procrastination site!

You can tempt me no more Mr Zuckerberg.

I quickly realised I did spend quite a lot of time on Twitter, and that I should limit this usage as well. Hence I came up with the plan of removing those of my 23 users I follow that do tweet, and make Twitter into a one way communication channel, me to the world, nothing back. I started writing a new tweet:

Got second thoughts and didn't publish it. I removed @BreakingNews realising it was a useful channel to follow and added it again. Double darn. What to do? After all, was not banned, hence I could follow many there. I tried posting another tweet.

I was too weak.
I didn't press the tweet button now either. I looked through my followed users list once more. There, @jensstoltenberg and @KAHareide were unfollowed. Easy! @Forbrukerradet gone. @tinast out the window. I went back to my tweet and completed it.

src : twitter

@Sognsvann, @oslomaraton@brawlster@ytchallenge@hemingleira and @fabianstang were removed. Down to 13. Not too hard as none of them, except for @oslomaraton, did follow me. It's sort of a mutual trust. I follow you, you follow me, with the final once. But I had to continue, @eirikt@FrodeAndersenFT, @jeiriks@dramadama_kyed@Trinesg@sirivilberg@stephanljung@k_schibevaag@HallvarW and @MrHaug were removed as well. Down to three followed users. That would do, three would be my limit.

@BreakingNews, @prisoneratnet and @viveexgratia survived, for now.

Preliminary status
Being without Facebook, Foursquare or Google+ has so far not been difficult. I don't miss it at all. What is a lot harder though is to be in bed by 10pm, which to me is very early. A full summary of this month's challenge will be posted in the beginning of June.

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