Thursday, 31 May 2012



Jump Jump Jump
Since I've got great memories from my last stay in Australia I decided to name this post "Kangarooing". An adequate title for the post, as Mr Kangaroo now is an appropriate name for me. If you wonder why, take a look at the video below.

If it wasn't for copyright issues I would have added one of the following songs as soundtrack as well:
Kris Kross - Jump or House Of Pain - Jump Around or Van Halen - Jump.

Mr H, today's cameraman.

Team Stretch.

Mr Me aka. Mr Kangaroo aka. Mr Flexible.

Session 20 : 20 x 100m w/jogging pauses : Thursday 31st of May
A short but intensive session that was over in a bit more than 20 minutes. Times can be viewed below. Satisfied with the last interval on 13.5 seconds. Finally I have a new unofficial time on the 100m as well. My only problem is that I should do 100m in sub 13. Another day...

Mr H was nice and spent one hour on filming today's session. When I got home and looked at the rushes I found nothing but five 8 seconds clips of us running. Obviously Mr H didn't see much worth filming.

Some camera facts: Filmed partly with Nexus S and S100. The latter device gives HD footage.

And while we're at the videos, through I found a motivating video of the fastest sprinter on the planet. If we raced together, on a 200m, this man would have had enough time for even changing clothes before I had crossed the finish line. Check out the "Faster Than Lightning" feat. Usain Bolt - DJ Steve Porter Remix.

The spike mat.

Split times.

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