Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hai, Sensai

Me, Andy Warhol style. Why? Because the pain I feel is four times more colourful than most can imagine.

Extra kg
On Monday I did a short session at the gym. I borrowed Kristin's Ironwear for doing some muscle-ups. Nice piece of garment for training. You can adjust the weight of the west from 0 to 7.7 kg, and if I remember correctly the west was 2 kg when I tried it. I managed two sets of two repetitions with the west. Might be a good idea adding weights for achieving my MUP12 goal. My muscle-ups PB is still 6, and 10 still seems far. I also did a slow jog around Sognsvann, but was forced to stop and hurry to the loo. Guess it was a result of Saturday's after run party. My own, built in weight west, was reduced with around a kg after the loo visit.

Silk tape
Every time I've been showering since GöteborgVarvet I've been reminded how stupid it can be running without taping your nipples. So as a note to myself I've taken an image of the result. Do not check out the image if you're weak-hearted. It's gross.

The ACL study
Tuesday morning I dropped by Legevakten for x-rays of my injured knee as part of an ACL study I'm participating in. The x-ray process was a mess, but I hope the images will be useful. The people doing the x-rays seemed inexperienced and had to do it over and over again. In total four images was taken before they were satisfied. I got my dose of radiation that day.

The x-ray machine.

Hai, Sensai
The Ministry of Pain's HQ is located at the track, and the Master of Pain is Mr Jean. I'm just a servant that obey my master. It was Mr V's idea to name this post "Hai, Sensai", which is Japanese meaning "Yes, Master". Mr V's has observed that I'm a man of no free will at the track. When Mr Jean says "Run!" I run, when he says "Get up!" I get up, when he says "Faster!" I run faster. Tuesdays are not pleasant days. Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

A normal Tuesday conversation in between Mr V and Mr Me.

The oval circle of agony marking the location of the Ministry of Pain.

A normal Tuesday tweet (src : twitter).

Session 15 : 10 x 400m : Tuesday 15th of May
It was another very hard session. Thankfully Mr V joined and did a brilliant job of pacing me. He ran behind me, yelling at me every time I tried to slow down. And that was actually quite often. On my tenth final interval I gave absolutely everything, trying to attack and increase the pace in the last turn. The result was a fast interval, and me laying motionless for approximately 20 minutes afterwards. I'm starting to getting used to having headaches while smelling rubber at the artificial football field.

HR chart. Once again I got unnatural high heart rate values recorded.

Something seems to be off with my timing. Compared with Mr V I get approximately a quarter of a second better times. I'm not sure if I stop my watch too early, or that it's due to a delay when starting the Garmin 310XT. I have noted that when I do press start button the starting peep is played a tad later. I thought the timer started immediately, and that it was just the sound being delayed. I will have to do some testing. Hence my recorded times might be around 0.25 seconds too fast, compared with the real world. Anyway, according to my Garmin, my ten 400m intervals were done in

68.0 - 67.6 - 66.7 - 68.0 - 68.1 - 69.9 - 69.0 - 69.9 - 68.2 - 65.8 seconds.

Split times.

I'm very satisfied with this result. However it completely drained me. It's hard to describe how painful such a session is. You have no idea unless you try it yourself. Sleeping afterwards become hard. Your entire body is unable to relax. Your head is heavy, and you start having nightmares from being stuck on the track forever. I don't think it's possible to get used to this pain. At least I can't see how to.

On Tuesdays, all day long until 5 pm, I do this frequently.

The sun always shine on the track. Mr V is looking forward to the session.

Mr Me, just another day at the track (photo by Mr V).

Luckily I felt a lot better as soon as I got back to the gym (photo by Mr V).

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