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GöteborgsVarvet (2012)

Race #10 2012 - 21.1km - 1:30:13

Mr Bengt, Mr Espen and Mr Me.

We went by train from Oslo to Gøteborg and back. It could have been a lot nicer chilling out on the train, however NSB had some issues. And by the way, why advertise with free Internet WiFi when the Internet connection is as good as none-existing? Anyway, as Espen stated, at least the "Internet" was free.

Sweden here we come!

Espen x2.

NSB ftw, not. Waiting for a spare train.

Oslo - Gøteborg (src : twitter)

Gøteborg - Oslo (src: twitter)

The Event

If in Norway this line would not have moved. However we were inside in a couple of minutes.
Despite of a huge crowd the queues moved really fast. Sweden ftw!

This race has to be experienced. The Swedes know how to organise, that is for sure. About 62.000 runners participated in this race, which is the world's biggest half marathon. Despite the amount of runners the event was super smooth. Almost no queues at all. Brilliant! If you haven't done Varvet before, sign up before it's too late.

There were heaps more toilets than this. The Swedes know capacity planning!

The Swedes know their math. Even the capacity planning was perfect. Too many toilets for a single person to count in one day. The only thing I know is that I spent 0 minutes in toilet queues that day. That is not bad for a race with more than 62k runners. Brilliant!

Varvet 2012

Water 200m.

There were as many as 10 (I think) drink stations along the track. Huge signs clearly marked upcoming stations, which gave you plenty of time preparing yourself to run past on the left or grab a glass or two on the right. All drink stations were located to the right. Brilliant!

One of the latest start groups.

24 + 7 start groups. Brilliant!

My race


I do know, I look like a maniac.

As I'm training very different now compared with earlier, due to my 400MP, I hadn't exactly high hopes for running fast. My legs felt heavy when warming up but as soon as I started the race it felt OK. First 5 km were not fast, but very controlled. From around 9 km till 14 it was really easy running. Hence I more or less got the first 14 km for free. So my race felt like a nice 14 km warm-up plus 7 km.

Negative split, just the way I like it.

 Crossing the second bridge, after 14 km, was the first time a negative thought popped up in my mind. But as soon as I was on my way down on the other side of the bridge I did manage to increase the pace once more. Despite the track not being the easiest I completed in 1:30:13. A time that I'm very satisfied with, specially since I had a great race experience. I know I could have pushed myself hard, but I did have to work the last kilometres even so. The weather was perfect for running, which helped a lot. 12-13 degrees and no sun before I had done about 19 km.

Tomten (Photo by

Pingu (Photo by

One thing I do have to mention is that I ended up running next to "Tomten" the Santa and "Pingu" the penguin. Two guys dressed in costumes, running in my pace. However they were hi-five'ing the kids along the track, saying hi to everyone, cheering and running back and forth. I reckon they ran a few kilometres extra due to this. Everyone screamed "Heja Tomten!" and "Heja Pingu!" To be honest, since I'm turning into an old grumpy man I found it a bit annoying. Because it's hard realising that you're not faster than Santa without his reindeer and Pingu the penguin.

Team (photo by Turid Grøtli Aalholm).

My split times. Manual lapping. No 8km sign found. Hence double on 9.

Komfortsona IL
I travelled together with Komfortsona IL. Bengt was strong and did set a PB with the time 1:30:00. Ringom was fast as usual and finished in 1:23:51. Check out his blog post here for more text and pictures of the event. And with Komfortsona comes Bankett (after-run party) as well, which for me was harder than the race.

Sun and cold beer. Can't go wrong (or can it?).

Bengt has never seen Espen enjoying the sun more than the beer before.

A short video

Disclaimer: As the after-run party was done with Komfortsona IL there might be more photos from the pub than the race.

Get the flash player here:

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  1. Bra jobba Frode. Neste år tar du både tomten og Pingu. Tone prøvde å henge på spiderman, men glapp på slutten.

    Litt fakta fra GT: 425 hyrtoaletter

    1. Takker Stian. Ja neste år skal jeg jaggu meg ta rotta på Pingu og Tomten. Får bare ikke håpe Hulken eller Batman stiller og gir meg kamp.

      425 toaletter, nice. Takker for info. Det inkluderer nok da også doene langs løypa. Smidig.

  2. haha. Jævelig bra. Så har du jo lært at man skal gå med henda bakpå ryggen også =) Topp Tur!

    1. Ah, det glemte jeg jo å skrive om. Superdigg å gå med hendene bakpå ryggen ja. Takker stort for tidenes tips. Lurer på om jeg skal begynne å løpe slik også.

      Super tur ja. Gleder meg til 17. mai-feiring til neste år. Nå gjelder det bare at MR-bildene av kneet ser fine ut.

  3. Neste år ER du både Tomten og Pingu!

    Grattis med bra fullført Varv. Jeg er så klar neste år! SELV om det er 18. mai.

    1. Om jeg ikke er dem skal jeg i hvertfall eie dem. Selv takk, og gratulerer. Er også klar for nytt Varv. Dette var moro!

  4. Vondt i kneet? Neeei vel? For øvrig takk for helgen, jeg skyndte meg hjem for å melde meg på neste års varv. Og PS: banketten tok jeg delvis i går kveld, delvis i kveld. Orket ikke lørdag kveld, men gjennomføre må man jo før eller siden!

    1. Selv takk for super helg. Jeg har ikke meldt meg på for 2013 enda, men det skjer nok rimelig snart. Dette var moro.

      Du kan kjøre bankett etter onsdagen også, da er det åpning av "ny" / "gammel" SRM-trasé.


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