Thursday, 24 May 2012

Garmin data fields views

I'm using the Garmin 310XT. The watch has up to four custom screens / views for presenting up to four data fields in each view. Here is how I've customised my watch.

View 1 : after training

When I wear my watch after training I use this view, where the only thing important is knowing what time it is.
datafield : time of day

View 1 : after training.

View 2 : the long run

For the long run I like to know how long and how far I've ran. I like to see my heart rate and know what time it is.
datafields :  time, distance, heart rate, time of day

View 2 : the long run

View 3 : for intervals

Doing intervals I use this view for knowing how many intervals I've done and how fast the previous interval was. I like to know for how long I've been training, as well as keeping track of the pauses.
datafields : current lap, laps, time, last lap

View 3 : for intervals.

View 4 : the race
When racing I use this view. I see how long and how far I've been running. I see the average lap time. This is specially nice if you lap manually and the kilometre signs are positioned correctly (unfortunately that doesn't happen too often in Norwegian races). Current lap pace I use for avoiding starting too fast.
datafields: time, distance, average lap, lap pace

View 4 : the race.

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