Friday, 4 May 2012

Chill-out Thursday

Tuesdays has become the toughest day of the week, Thursday a nice day. It's the day where speed is not important, technique is. It's the day where I have energy to visit the gym before the track sessions.

MUP status : Thursday 3rd of May
I have made no progress on the MUP12 project in ages. My PB is still 6, and 10 seems far away. Having to be in bed by 10 pm doesn't make it easier to find time for visiting the gym. However I did drop by today for some muscle-ups. I was easier than I expected and I did three sets of x6, x4, x4.

Session 11 : 10 x 250m : Thursday 3rd of May
Warmed up with slow jog, did 6 x 50m "high knee lift", 6 x 50m "heel to bum" and 3 x 100m slow run to prepare the body. The only thing important today was the technique, speed hence being unimportant. Did 10 x 250 meters in about 50 seconds. The last I ran on 80% and finished in 42.6 seconds. According to Jean it didn't look too bad, after I adjusted my arm movement.

Main tip of the day:
- move my hands from below my hip, behind my bum (in stead of from over my hips).

10 x 250m

Another of those spike mats.

Split times.

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