Thursday, 31 May 2012



Jump Jump Jump
Since I've got great memories from my last stay in Australia I decided to name this post "Kangarooing". An adequate title for the post, as Mr Kangaroo now is an appropriate name for me. If you wonder why, take a look at the video below.

If it wasn't for copyright issues I would have added one of the following songs as soundtrack as well:
Kris Kross - Jump or House Of Pain - Jump Around or Van Halen - Jump.

Mr H, today's cameraman.

Team Stretch.

Mr Me aka. Mr Kangaroo aka. Mr Flexible.

Session 20 : 20 x 100m w/jogging pauses : Thursday 31st of May
A short but intensive session that was over in a bit more than 20 minutes. Times can be viewed below. Satisfied with the last interval on 13.5 seconds. Finally I have a new unofficial time on the 100m as well. My only problem is that I should do 100m in sub 13. Another day...

Mr H was nice and spent one hour on filming today's session. When I got home and looked at the rushes I found nothing but five 8 seconds clips of us running. Obviously Mr H didn't see much worth filming.

Some camera facts: Filmed partly with Nexus S and S100. The latter device gives HD footage.

And while we're at the videos, through I found a motivating video of the fastest sprinter on the planet. If we raced together, on a 200m, this man would have had enough time for even changing clothes before I had crossed the finish line. Check out the "Faster Than Lightning" feat. Usain Bolt - DJ Steve Porter Remix.

The spike mat.

Split times.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


With Songify I've moved into the music industry, and has made my own running songs with awesome, deep and meaningful lyrics. I made one English and one Norwegian version. You can listen to them here and now, or wait until they're played on a radio near you.

To Run Is Fun
To run is fun
That is why I run a lot
Like a wind I'm not
I'm more like an egg
that breaks and rot.

Det er Derfor
Å løpe er gøy
Det er derfor jeg løper mye
Men jeg er ikke som vinden
Jeg er mer som et egg,
som knuser og råtner.

Songify to Soundcloud:
Nerd facts on how to export Songify tunes from the phone to Soundcloud:
- Chose "set as ringtone" from within Songify
- Open a file explorer on your Android, like ES File Explorer, and navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/com.smule.songify/files/Music
- Share the file "ringtone.ogg" with Dropbox or a similar tool.
- Upload the .ogg file to Soundcloud.

Upcoming races
Last year I did participate in a few races. This year I'm about to get some as well. So far I've done 12, and there is more to come. Here is my race plan for June:

St.Hansgaloppen (aka Vaffelgaloppen).


From the left: Mr L, Mr Me and Mr V.

Session 19 : 10 x 600m : Tuesday 29th of May
Last time I tried 600 meters I did collapse, this time I made it through all ten intervals. It didn't come for free though, keeping a pace close to 3 min / km.

Mr L joined today as well, and Mr V was there. Not that I'm into cars or anything, but I came to think of the comparison of us to cars.

Mr L as Jaguar XJ (src:

If we were cars Mr L would be a new model of the Jaguar XJ, a strong, fast and elegant car, which moves in high speed. The XJ moved around the track, seemingly effortless on cruise control.

Mr V as Ford Mustang (src:

Mr V is the Ford Mustang on the track. Not the most fuel efficient nor silent, but a hell of a muscle car that is bloody powerful when the driver says "go".

Mr Me as Volkswagen Golf Sport (src:

Mr Me is the Golf Sport. However not a brand new model, Mr Me is more like a 1995 model. Still an OK car, that can move quite fast. However, a bit rusty and with some flaws. The engine is no longer super smooth and the oil is leaking.

Mr Jean shows us what we'll look like when stair training starts.

The most interesting interval at today's session was the last one. Through out all intervals Mr L - the Jaguar, was in front, Mr Me - the Golf was number two and Mr V - the Mustang number three. I was given one "simple" task by Mr Jean of slipstreaming behind Mr L. However on the last interval Mr L started a lot faster than before, and after about 200 meters I realised there was no way for me to keep his back. After around 300 meters I was, once more, full of lactic acid and my only goal was finishing. However, after around 450 meters I did hear the Ford Mustang approaching me like a rocket. I had forgotten all about the threat from Mr V, as I thought he would be far behind. He on the other hand had noticed that my head movement changed, due to me being exhausted. When I get tired I look upwards and throw my head from side to side. When Mr V saw this his turbo engine was ignited, and he started driving like a mad man. In about 150 meters he was right in my back. Luckily for me he started his sprint a few meters too late, hence I did beat him on the finish line. Note to self: never forget about the muscle car!

1:50.5 - 1:48.6 - 1:52.0 - 1:52.1 - 1:50.8 - 1:52.1 - 1:51.6 - 1:50.0 - 1:53.2 - 1:52.6

Split times.

The spike mat. The 7th interval did cost.
And for those who do wonder:

Monday, 28 May 2012

Two to go

Finally I managed setting a new muscle-ups PB. Increased my previous record by two, and have only got two more to go for reaching my MUP12 goal of 10 repetitions.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sandefjordsløpet (2012)

Race #12 2012 - 5km - 19:31 [PB]

Mr Ringom and Mr Me at the Whalers monument in Sandefjord.

The track.

Not the easiest track, but I did like it. A memorable thing was all those living along the track hosing us down when we ran past. Brilliant on a warm summer day. A well organised event, even without capacity planning issues.

Espen Ringom aka. Mosjonisten.

Mr B and Miss C.

Mr B joined, and was coaching. He transformed me from a runner with no ambitions to a runner with the goal of setting a PB.

For the first time in a race I dropped looking at the watch. I decided just to run on the feeling. And that was not a bad decision as I did set a PB on the distance, with the time 19:31. Second time I did a 5 km, so it wasn't the hardest PB to set though.

Christina won without any effort. However she was far from satisfied with the result, as she is capable of running a lot faster.

Espen was strong, and did set a new PB as well. Read more about his race in his blog.

The 10 km start at Badeparken.

No 128 reminds me of a runner I know.

Miss C effortlessly won the women's 10km.

The winner of the men's 10km, Aweph Gebrehiwet.

Gunhild Halle Haugen won the women's 5 km.

Mr B.



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Friday, 25 May 2012

Prepare for Hades

Summer, Summer, Summer!

Session 18 : 10 x 150m : Thursday 24th of May
Short distance, more speed. Still getting the headache, but at least nice being at the track when it's summer. Had a proper fight with Mr V at the last interval. Darn that guy is fast when he decides to give everything. It's just the mind that is limiting him.

My new 150m PB: 20.67 seconds.

Today's times on the distance:
22.1 - 22.7 - 21.9 - 21.7 - 21.2 - 21.7 - 22.2 - 21.9 - 21.4 - 20.7

Spit times.

We also got the entire program for next week. The coming week will be the hardest week by far. I even heard some rumours about Hades dropping by track. Tuesday: 10 x 600m, Thursday: 20 x 200m with running pauses.

Hades (src:

Mr Me: "So why are you doing this type of training?"
Frode: "I have a goal of running 400m in less than 60 seconds."
Mr Me: "But it sounds very painful."
Frode: "Yes, it is."
Mr Me: "So you like pain?"
Frode: "No."
Mr Me: "But is this training fun then?"
Frode: "Well... ehh, if it's not painful it is fun."
Mr Me: "But it is painful, hence it's no fun. Right?"
Frode: "Do you have other questions?"
Mr Me: "No."

Mr V got very frustrated when he was unable to find his right earring he lost during the last interval.

Mr B and Mr Jean.

Afterwards Miss C and Mr Ringom joined for some bench press in the sun.

Norwegian Championships
I searched the Net, and came over this document with my name in it. It shows statistics from last year, of "oldies" like me having done the 400m. And guess what, I was the 7th fastest guy on the distance. That shows how extremely few who are running 400m in my age group.

Norway: 2011 - Outdoor / Men 35-39 years (src:

Comparing with the fastest my time is nothing but crap. To be able to set a new record with my PB I would have to compete in one of the 70+ age groups.

Norwegian Veteran Records (src:

However, despite not being able to set a new record I am seriously considering to pack my shorts and drop by Stavanger in September, for the Norwegian Masters Championship 2012. Maybe I'll manage to talk Mr V into participating as well (more info for the veterans can be found at


Most likely I'll do the 5 km at Sandefjordsløpet at Saturday. If my legs are rested I'll try to set a new PB on the distance. My old one is as weak as 19:47 so it should not be too hard. However, you'll never know.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Garmin data fields views

I'm using the Garmin 310XT. The watch has up to four custom screens / views for presenting up to four data fields in each view. Here is how I've customised my watch.

View 1 : after training

When I wear my watch after training I use this view, where the only thing important is knowing what time it is.
datafield : time of day

View 1 : after training.

View 2 : the long run

For the long run I like to know how long and how far I've ran. I like to see my heart rate and know what time it is.
datafields :  time, distance, heart rate, time of day

View 2 : the long run

View 3 : for intervals

Doing intervals I use this view for knowing how many intervals I've done and how fast the previous interval was. I like to know for how long I've been training, as well as keeping track of the pauses.
datafields : current lap, laps, time, last lap

View 3 : for intervals.

View 4 : the race
When racing I use this view. I see how long and how far I've been running. I see the average lap time. This is specially nice if you lap manually and the kilometre signs are positioned correctly (unfortunately that doesn't happen too often in Norwegian races). Current lap pace I use for avoiding starting too fast.
datafields: time, distance, average lap, lap pace

View 4 : the race.


Ella Fitzgerald once did sing "Summertime and the livin' is easy". I do believe this is especially relevant if living in one of the countries far away from the equator, like Norway. Life is a lot easier during summer. One reason being that it's light outside when you go to work and when you leave work. In 1980 summertime (or daylight-saving as it's called in the US) was made permanent in Norway. The reason for introducing summertime was for evenings to have more daylight.

Standard time
I don't think "wintertime" is a valid expression. In Norway though we use "vintertid" for describing the period in between summertime. I reckon the correct notion should be "standard time". The standard time is the original time. The way time has been used for a very long period of time, before the introduction of summertime, which normally is standard time + 1 hour.

Summertime all year long
Last year the Russians did put their clocks to summertime all year long. Personally I reckon that is a great idea, as going back to standard time is nothing but depressing. Next to being cold it suddenly gets a lot darker. Many more than me have the same perception of having a year long summertime.

Jenny Klinge wants summertime all year long.
Jon Erland Madsen wants summertime all year long.
Many on Facebook wants summertime all year long.
The Brits wants summertime all year long.
The Russians wanted summertime all year long and now they've got it.

Let's do it
So why can't we have summertime all year long here in Norway? Let's do it!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Summer is back in town, and I LOVE IT!

The track is waiting.

The 400m team is growing. From the left: Norwegian record holder in bench press, Master in Charge, previously one of Norway's best decathlon athlete and the fastest Norwegian on the 400m in 2010 (photo by: Mr NoOne aka. Mr Me).

Session 17 : 10 x 500m : Tuesday 22nd of May
Another Tuesday of Pain. However, this time I had my first "boom" at the track. It was painful, it always will be, but I felt stronger than ever before. It's a good feeling, that lasted until Mr Jean, aka. Mr Pain, told me that 10 x 600m was on the program next week.

On today's session we tried keeping five minutes pauses. Towards the end when my head was hurting due to the lactic acid I wished we had longer breaks though.

I did the intervals in: 1:31.3 - 1:29.2 - 1:30.3, 1:29.6 - 1:30.1 - 1:32.6 - 1:30.8 - 1:32.0 - 1:29.2 - 1:26.2. Much thanks to Mr L, the fastest Norwegian on the 400m last year, pulling me around in an extremely even pace. We were all strong today. We gave "full powers".

Mr V did deliver.

Mr Jean was happy.

Mr TEN dropped by and showed us how to jump on one leg.

And Mr B was tanning. It was all perfect.

Split times.

Check out my previous 10 x 500m session here.
And for those of you who do wonder, check out