Monday, 30 April 2012

Those who share

As I've been working on I've made a few discoveries about "those who share".

1 : Norwegian runners blog in the evening, after dinner and before they go to bed. Normally they publish their blog post just before 10pm. There are some that even blog before 7 am. And at night they do sleep.

Time of day for publishing.

2 : Norwegian runners prefer Sunday as their "blogging day". On Tuesday's and Wednesday's they're definitively out running.

Time of week for publishing.

3 : Norwegian runners are predictable, races do create a lot of blog posts (many of the bloggers on the source list are located in or near by Oslo).
6/4: Torsdagsløpet? (
12/4 : Start of Sognsvann Rundt Medsols 2012 (
15/4 : Holmestrand Marathon 2012 (
18/4 : Sognsvann Rundt Medsols race #2 2012 (
28/4 : Sentrumsløpet 2012 (

Last 30 days.


  1. Haha, der traff du blink på meg, i hvert fall!

    1. Kanon. It's all in the details ((:

  2. Nå skal jeg legge om her, bare på trass. Jeg nekter å være konform! :D
    Keep up the good work, spent på å se resulatet.

    1. Jeg også. Skal nå være skikkelig gal og publisere blogginlegg kl 21:30 i stedet for 21:50.


  3. Publisert på en onsdag... På ren trass! :DDDDD


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