Sunday, 22 April 2012

Seven down

Session 5 : Thursday 12th of April : 10 x 300m
Warm-up with slow jog, 3x full football field length of "heel to bum" drill, 3x "walking lunge" with upper body twist. Then five controlled 100m to get started. The day's main session was 300m intervals, 10 in the number. The pauses consisted in walking back the same distance. The intervals were done in 1:09.6 - 1:08.0 - 1:07.7 - 1:05.1 - 1:05.1 - 1:04.2 - 1:01.6 - 1:00.9 - 59.8 - 58.6. A very nice progress through out the session. Still struggling to relax while running and lifting my knees. Who would have thought that it is that bloody hard lifting your knees while running? At least not me. Jean also discovered today how little flexible I am. I seriously need to do a lot of stretching if I shall have any hope of a better stride and running fast. I know I'm not Mr Rubberman, so I better get started.

Drawing a capital U was the goal of the day. I almost made it.

Another "spike strip". Job well done.

Soon to be Mr Rubberman : Saturday 14th of April:
A yoga mat and some rubber bands ftw.

Went to a sports shop and bought myself a yoga mat. Finishing off Lost (currently at season 5) while stretching will be my new evening routine.

Session 6 : Tuesday 17th of April : 6 x 200m
Vegeir on the move.

Jean was busy today so once more I teamed up with Vegeir. Warmed up by jogging on the football field and doing some 100 meters. The plan was doing 10 times 200 m but I gave up after 6. Not a good day for running. However that was not very surprising two days after the half marathon.
200m times: 37.8 - :34.3 - 34.9 - 33.7 - 33.0 - 34.2.

SRM #2 2012 : Wednesday 18th of April
On the Wednesday I did a one round Sognsvann Rundt Medsols race (my fourth race this year). 30 minutes before the race I decided to skip it. 10 minutes before I change my mind. Since I did lack energy and motivation I just jogged one round in 16:17.

On my 84th SRM I ran in 16:17. A time that is very far from fast, but it was still a SB.

My SRM PBs. Would be nice with some progress, but I'm not sure if it'll happen any time soon.

Session 7 : Thursday 19th of April : 10 x 100m + 1 x 500m
No idea what this is, but I found several of them on the track.

Before this session I had almost forgotten that I didn't know how to run. This quickly changed though when I was given new tasks to work with. The warm-up consisted of 10 x 30m "high knee lift" raise and 5 x 30m "heel to bum". After the drills we did some stretching and some abdominal exercise. As always the "high knee lift" made me puffed out. It's crazy how hard I find that drill. My hip-joint muscles are very weak and has been constantly soar since my first sprint workout. Lack of strength, lack of flexibility and lack of leaping power are important reasons for me finding this sport so hard (and then I didn't even mention lack of technique). Before I had no idea that running shorter distances required this much.

In charge of "Mission Impossibe", Mr Jean.

On the track today there were some talented athletes from Il BUL doing sprint training as well. From looking at me a few seconds their coach told me many of the same things that Jean has told me. Main two things that I don't raise my feet high enough from the ground while running and that I'm far too tense in my entire body.

I did 10 times 100 meters today. For a couple of the runs the technique felt slightly better though, but I'm not sure if that was the case as I didn't exactly receive any compliments afterwards. After the 100 meters I finished off with one 500 meter. The plan was to keep the same technique and rhythm as on the 100 meters, for the first 350 meters. Then I should try to increase the pace. I started off well, on the first 50 meters. But then I got extremely tired. The final 450 meters I needed to conserve my energy, hence I started running like I'm used to, short stride without lifting my feet more than absolutely necessary. I finished the 500m in 1:33, which is not too bad, but technique wise it was a catastrophe. Next session I'll do six 500 meters. Something tells me that is going to be a painful session.

I'm asking myself if it's really necessary with all this focus on achieving the perfect stride. Maybe I would be better off by just running the way I'm used to. Focusing on lactic acid sessions and speed in stead of all this technique. After all I'm not exactly aiming for the Olympics. I'm just an average guy trying to increase my pace. 59.99 seconds (my goal) on the 400m is very far from impressive. So I'm not sure if this technique path is the correct one, but I'll continue down it a bit longer. Despite it feels almost hopeless to learn the proper running technique I do like challenges.

Today's feedback:
- I don't raise my knees.
- High shoulders.
- Generally too tense upper body.

After the sprint session I "dropped by" Olympiatoppen on my way home. There I did a very light squat session (40kg x 6 reps x 3 sets), some leaping power exercise (straight jumps x 4 reps x 4 sets). I also did bench press for the first time in years. It's about 8 years since I did that exercise on a regular basis. As I prefer functional training I see no point of doing bench. What surprised me was managing 90 kg x 2 reps. Never expected that. I also did a set of 4 muscle-ups. There is still a long way before I've reached my MUP12 goal though.

Flexus for the rescue : Saturday 21st of April
After only having about 19 km, the entire week before the Saturday, I decided to do a slow run. It's hard trying to combine shorter distances next to gaining enough kilometres for running half marathons. I guess trying to combine this makes me even more average at both distances as well, but once again, I'm not aiming for the Olympics. I went on my own, but by chance met Claes just down the street. He was on his way to Maridalsvannet, so was I. We ran together for 16.5 km before he got tired of running in my slow pace. Great for me with company as those kilometres then became a lot easier than if I had done them on my own. After about 23 km I got both tired and bored. Flexus and Sporveiene / Ruter became my rescue as I jumped on the sub at Sinsenkrysset the last kilometres back home.

42.83 km this week, not too much even for a 400m runner.

The Maridalsvannet round.

TWIG, Flexus and some cash. All that is needed.

Claes joined me the first 16.5 kilometres.

Maridalsvannet, a source of joy!

After about 2 hours I made a pit stop...

... and said "hi" to the brow cow while stretching.

It's tragic. Today's children have become so lazy and are spending so much time sitting still on their butts that some areas of the city are marked with "Slow children" signs.

The temptation became too strong and I could not resist.

2h 18 minutes and 23.27 km was enough. The underground brought me home.

Goodbye to the brow cow and welcome to Olympic beer. Power to the body!

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