Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Say hello to pain

Session 8 : Tuesday 24th of April : 6 x 500m
The handle has been cranked. Today's session is one of the hardest training session I've done when it comes to running (grappling sessions at Krav Maga training were harder though).

I warmed up by jogging 1.7 km followed by 5 x 100m "heel to bum" drills. The main program was doing 6 x 500m, and walking 300m in the pauses.

Normally my heart rate don't go from 85 bpm till 180+ in one minute.

I like starting off controlled. However the first 500m became a too controlled. When I finished Jean told me 1:45 was way too slow. Jean didn't even time my run, he told by just looking at me. His guess was off with 1.1 seconds, my first 500m was done in 1:46.1.

For my second interval I increased the pace. Still trying to relax, working on the stride and the pace. I completed it in 1:37.9. A better time, but Jean was not pleased. I was told to work on my start. I used too much time getting up in speed. I had to hit the "race pace" in a couple of meters only. There is no time to lose on a 400m, I can't start the way I'm used to from half marathons.

I started off more quickly on my third interval. After half the distance I slowed down though, afraid of "blowing up" as I very well knew it was only interval three out of six. 1:39.9 became my time. Personally the technique felt slightly better today than last. It felt as if I managed to raise my legs a bit more while running. Jean was still not happy. He observed that I slowed down towards the end. He told me that I needed to attack on the final 100m in stead.

I did what I was told. I focused on the start, quickly gained the pace I should keep. I focused on the stride and tried to relax. When I approached the last turn I attacked and managed to increased the pace. It felt good all the way and I completed the fourth interval in 1:31.6. Jean nodded approvingly and told me to repeat this run. I started getting tired though, specially my legs felt heavier.

I focused and started my fifth interval. The first 100m felt OK, but for the next 400m I had to work a lot harder. I did breath more heavily, my legs became more difficult to lift. Some shit kids yelled "Look at the vampire!" and laughed when I ran past them. Breathing like Darth Vader and being red as the Russian flag I I can't blame them though. I finished the interval in 1:35.7 and crouched to relax. Jean quickly told me to get up and start walking. Jean is quite tough when it comes to training. I guess it's a good thing though. He is a good motivator and I believe that you need to push hard if you want to improve in this business. Jean was pleased with my fifth interval as well, but he told me I needed to do the last one in no slower than 1:31. I didn't look forward to it as I started feeling nausea.

I started off as quickly as possible. I tried to relax, achieving a long stride in a good pace while moving my arms. I could not control my breath any longer. I needed a lot more air than I got. After about 200m I started gasping. Other people on the track turned around and looked at me. It must have sounded as if I was about to collapse any moment. I stopped thinking and kept going. The last interval was completed in 1:30.7. That means I did pass the 400m mark in about 72.5 seconds, 12.6 seconds behind my goal. As soon as I finished I fell down on the grass, totally exhausted. I felt like vomiting. Jean walked over and once more told me to get up and start walking. Laying on the grass I have to do in my own spare time.

Before Jean left he told me that next time we'll do 500m intervals I'll have to do them all in 1:30 - 1:33. Right now I don't know how I shall manage that. What I do know though is that pain has become a more pronounced ingredient in my life.

Split times, intervals and pauses.

Met Bengt and tried talking him into joining today's session. I didn't manage to convince him though.

Harald was on the track early today. I think he did 15 x 400m in about 70 seconds with 1 minute 45 seconds pauses. I'm not there (yet).

Mizuno ftw!

A good stride.

Mr V did 400m intervals in 73, 71, 71 and 68 sec and had to lie down afterwards. No idea why.

The sun is setting.

The taps are opening.

Pilsnerøl ftw!

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  1. haha. Høres knallhardt ut disse kortintervalla. Du fortjener en bankett etter den økta der! Ikke slit deg ut før sentrumsløpet nå!

  2. Det er vondt ja, så da fortjener man bankett. Skal lade opp til Sentrumsløpet nå med Fjellhamarstafetten i morgen, nye kortintervaller på torsdag. Fredag tror jeg imidlertid jeg skal tilbringe foran skjermen og se litt Lost mens jeg tøyer.

    1. Nesten samme plan som meg da. Men jeg tar rolig i dag, kortintervall på torsdag og klesvak på fredag. Da lukter det sub 55 på Lørdag for oss begge!

    2. Hehe. Det er kjekt å se at det er flere som er like seriøse med å spisse formen. Blir nok ingen pers til lørdag nei. Leker litt med tanken på å stille meg helt først, med Kenyanerene, for så å gå "all in" de første 400m. Kan hende jeg kommer med på noen bilder da. Sub 55 og årsbeste i Sentrumsløpsløypa får bli eneste målet.

  3. Pausene til Harald var 45 sek. Kan ikke være alt for snill med ham enda...

    1. Darn, og jeg som syntes 60 sekunder var lite. Bildeteksten er oppdatert!


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