Monday, 23 April 2012

The lack of a ligament

For the first time in three years I visited NIMI last week. I went to re-test my knee as I'm participating in (being that white laboratory mouse) a research project due to an ACL injury.

Back in 2007 I tore my ACL.

Testing my leg strength in 2012.

I felt the test went OK. However, as I compared the result to earlier tests I realised I didn't do that well at all. Despite of not having any problems, due to having one less ligament, I'm far from satisfied with the results. I have become slower, weaker and my leaping power has declined. In other words nothing to brag about. I reckon one of the reasons is that I've done a lot of slow running since last (no, I'm not getting any older). Now I have another project, that is to once again become stronger, faster and more springy. Good thing for me that goes hand in hand with my 400MP. Since the test I've already done squats, leaping power exercises and a couple of sessions with leg extensions and leg curls. "Use your body or lose your body!" as someone once said.

If you are truly bored, or just interested, you can read the "ACL Injury - My Story" below:

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