Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fjellhamarstafetten (2012)

Race #5 2012 - 610m - 01:55

The girls did deliver. 18 victories in a row is nothing but impressive!

When you're picked to represent a team you don't want to be the one that doesn't deliver. Today that was me though. For the second time I represented the colours of SK Vidar at Fjellhamarstafetten. Last year we finished first of the old boys. This year we came fourth. No fun, especially since there was only six teams in our group.

Of course, doing what I did yesterday was not extremely smart for my race today (note to self: don't do it again). I should of course have known this, but I didn't want to face the facts. I was selfish. The chase of achieving sub 60 on the 400m was more important to me than running at my best for SK Vidar today. Sorry guys. I still thought I would manage to push harder though.

I didn't handle these turns very well...

I ran 610m, the fifth of in total six legs. I ended up running more or less on my own since I realised I hadn't the capacity of reaching the guys in front of me. My body was far from light, and my breath and mind likewise. The track I ran included four sharp turns. I found the turns quite hard and didn't manage to increase the pace afterwards. However I didn't run fast enough in the first place either.

What Garmin told me. I lapped before I started and after I finished, so my official time should be better though.

I know I could have performed a lot better than I did today. Right now that feeling makes me annoyed. I have no one but myself to blame though (OK, maybe I can blame Jean a bit).

Results [updated 26/4]:
The results from from Emit showed that I did use 1:55 on the 610 meters (here). That means a 3:08 per kilometre pace. A pace that just isn't good enough for me, specially when you do feel you can and should run faster. The fastest runner completed the same distance in 1:34 (Il BUL). That was immensely fast, but I should at least have managed sub 1:50 on the distance.

The second last split was mine, 1:55 and 7th fastes out of in total 17th teams. Not good enough.

Comparing my time with the veterans only my result doesn't give account of a better achievement. Only two veteran teams had a slower runners than me on the fifth leg.

The results for the veterans.

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  1. Fine bilder. Her var det mange raske vidar jenter. Ikke rart de vant =)

    Løp du med singlet i dag?

    1. Takker. Bra kamera!

      Jeg brukte SK Vidar singlet, men hadde vanlig t-skjorte under.

    2. ... og ja, de jentene der er rå!

  2. hehe! Det var lurt =)
    Du får la beina hvile litt nå før centrumsloppet ! Kan bli vondt med 10km i motbakke =)

    1. Blir ikke for mye hvile. I dag skal jeg nok en gang piskes rundt på banen av Jean. I morgen skal jeg imidlertid "carb'e".

  3. Det skal bli godt å komme heimat neste onsdag tenker jeg.


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