Saturday, 7 April 2012


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The Easter is almost over and I haven't done as much as I planned to do. Neither when it comes to working on private projects nor training. I've spent my time in The Big Smoke, or in Oslo, this year. It has been slightly cold compared to last year's Easter and the immensely warm temperatures we had in March. But it has still been good though.

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Hat Trick
First of all I've been sick a lot lately. Frustrating as I'm not exactly getting in better shape by getting sick every third week. I've been sick three times in a row, within two months. I'm finally feeling better again but still loads of slime and snot is produced on every workout. I've got no idea where it all comes from. I must be a slimy bastard.

Some are better at catching up than others.

Catching up
Last week of March I was down to 23.61 km of running due to being sick. This week I've increased to 47.75 km. In other words I do have a lot of catching up to do as getting sick this much was not on the plan to improve my results. However I should not complain. After all it's just the flu. Christina, in the above picture, broke her leg a few weeks back. Many would have given up running for a while in a similar situation. However Christina just kept going, with alternative training. And now she is back running as well, thanks to the Alter G treadmill at Olympiatoppen. Won't be too long before she's back on the top of the podium I reckon. Impressive.

I will feel a lot of pain here in the coming weeks and months.

Due to work and being sick I've not done much towards my 400MP. Since last time I wrote about it on my blog I've only done one more session. That was Tuesday this week. It was quite a hard session. Mainly because I was not in my best shape. For warm-up Jean and I did some rounds on the football field followed by some 400m drills. We did six times high knee lift, with a distance of maybe around 60-70 meters. Followed by six times heel to bum. For an overview over different sprint drills check out this page.

Subsequently I started the main session. The program of the day was for me to do six 250 meters, and for Jean just to observe and give me feedback. Even though I should not focus on speed, but technique, I found it hard. The first 250m was done in 57 seconds and didn't exactly look great. My stride was too short and I did lean backwards more than forwards. However just by adjusting the technique the speed became better, and the last 250m was done in 49 seconds and looked a lot better than the first, according to Jean.

By the end of the month the plan is for me to be able to do a session of 20 x 250m. On Tuesday that felt impossible, but most likely it will become easier with time.

Easter Run
Today, on the last Saturday during Easter, Bengt organised an Easter run. We should of course all have dressed up like chickens, but all of us chickened out. We started 11 sharp from Bislett stadium. As I had to check the toilet capacity before our run I went down into the Tunnel of Sweat. The amazing thing was that quite a few runners were running inside the sweat tunnel despite clear blue sky outside. Don't ask me why. The capacity planning when it came to available toilets were great though. No queues and plenty of available toilets. Well done Bengt!

Today's track. Good training for the Waffle gallopp soon to come.
This year's summer was in March. Now we have autumn and minus degrees in the morning. Still nice for running.
Slightly icy a couple of spots.
At the north end of Maridalsvannet.
Gunnar in the lead, followed by Trond, Bengt and Christopher.
Why suddenly this pace of 4:04 a km (it was not the average pace)?
... because of this. Darn it tasted well!

25.76 km and finally another proper run. Been a while since last time.


  1. Sick every third week syndromet ja.... been there! Utrolig kjipt med "av-og-på" trening hele tiden; man starter liksom med blanke ark hver gang, begynner rolig for ikke å gjøre vondt verre og når man endelig er tilbake i normal treningsmengde igjen: pang, ny runde!

    Nuvel, nå blir det forhåpentligvis varmere og mindre av alle disse basillene; good luck!

  2. Hehe. Riktig. Det har vært slik lenge nå, jeg kommer i gang igjen og så smeller det. Jeg leste på bloggen din at du også har vært mye syk. Veldig frustrerende. Blir vanskelig å planlegge mange løp da også.

    Vi satser på varmere vær og mindre basillusker fremover nå som SRM-sesongen starter. Det synes jeg er en god plan.


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