Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Discrepancy Report

After 67 minutes I had managed to draw the capital J with my Garmin.

Today I found myself declaring that "I do not know how to run". Realising that I'm unable to run is an absurd feeling. I can confirm that not being able to run is a slightly overstatement though. To be clear, let me rephrase it, "I do not know how to run the way a 400m runner is supposed to run".

I had my third 400m session with Mr Jean, or my fourth 400m session overall. As before we did some jogging (27 minutes) succeeded by "heel to bum" and "high knee lift" drills (23 minutes) for warm-up. Today's main course was 14 x 150 meters (67 minutes). As before speed was not important, technique was.

"A good 400m workout should look like a spike strip" a wise man (me) once said.

The entire session took about two hours, and in that time I did not do that much running. At least not compared with the SK Vidar sessions I'm used to. To be entirely truthful I got a bit stressed. I started doubting if I will be patient enough for this type of training twice a week. Getting older I do realise that time is not unlimited. I have to be more careful with what I spend my time on doing. It's fun, it just feels inefficient. But that is what you get when starting any new sport and focus on technique.

The most important feedback from today's session were as follows:
- I'm not lifting my knees high enough.
- I do lean backwards.
- My arms do not swing enough.
- I'm not relaxed enough.
- I'm breathing too fast.

I never knew it was this hard to run. Hopefully I will become better at it.

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