Saturday, 28 April 2012

The birth of

Norwegian runners that share!

On the 27th of April I got an idea, and since I tried charging my batteries for a race the next day I had time on my hands to implement the idea. The result became only 6.5 hours of sleep before the race, not great for the race but at least a new site was born.

The idea popped up in my brain when I commented on's blog. I realised it would be handy having once place that gather all running blogs. Of course, you can manually do this in Blogger, Reader or alternative tools. However it would be nice if someone did this for you, and made sure the list was updated. And that someone seems to be me, since I had already started making an overview over all Norwegian running blogs.

Thanks to several great tools it didn't take too long to put it all together. I've used the following technologies / frameworks / tools:
Yahoo Pipes for feed management (read more here).
Twitter Bootstrap for layout of the website.
Disqus for the commenting system.
Twitter's widgets (tried out Tweet! as well) for presenting tweets.
I tried out zRSSFeed for presenting feed content, but ended up with own Pipes badgets.

The result
The final result can be viewed at as soon as that domain gets active, I just bought it so it will take a few hours be ready on Monday due to Norid not doing any activations on the weekends.

An early version.

Gathering feed from around the Internet.

Analysing the feed content.

Tweaking the results.


  1. Hvorfor skriver du på engelsk?
    Du nevnte at du bruker 3 timer av en kveld hvor den ene timen gikk med til blogg.
    Kjappere å skrive på norsk vel?

    1. > Hvorfor skriver du på engelsk?
      Because I do prefer English.

      > Kjappere å skrive på norsk vel?
      Neppe, like treig på norsk.


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