Friday, 16 March 2012

What is it with people?

It's easy to think that those who isn't behaving like you, or the way you expect them to behave, have an issue or two. But even so, having that in mind, I reckon some people are strange. Sometimes I do think "What is it with people?" People that ...

... don't wash their hands after they've been to the toilet?
Being in public toilets I see many that don't bother to wash their hands. Who are these? Are some of them surgeons? Chefs? Dentists? I bet a few are. I'm just hoping I'll never end up meeting them or someone like them. However, knowing how many that does this I guess it's hard being that lucky in life.

... don't use the toilet brush after they've smudged down the toilet with shit?
Why are there so many that don't bother to use the toilet brush and clean up after themselves? Are these the same people that don't wash their hands? Do these themselves even care if a toilet full of shit before they use it? What do their toilets back home look like?

... don't change their habit, no matter what?
At my previous work place I met an interesting character. A guy that was so dedicated to taking a certain path on his way to the toilet that I'm pretty sure he would kill if someone tried to stop him. Well, I tried stopping him.

First a little drawing describing what it looked like at my office. Simplified, but you should get the idea. On the picture below you have Mr Him marked as a red circle (forget about Mr W, he is not the problem). The green line shows the path Mr Him was using on his way to and from the toilet. He took the shortest distance, naturally enough.

Then some management people realised that we had a lot of open space (wow) and discovered we could all sit closer to save money (management, smart guys). This is when I was moved. I am marked as the green circle on the drawing below (Mr Me).

Now, by looking at the drawing above it should be quite clear that there are two obvious new paths for Mr Him to reach the toilet. These paths are marked as green lines below.

But as you might guess Mr Him did not take any of those paths. Mr Him was used to taking the shortest distance and there was no way some desks or some people could stop him from following his usual route.

Mr Him continued to push himself behind me on his way to the toilet. Very often he bumped into my chair, as it was hard to avoid. Not that he excused himself either. I found it fascinating, and a bit irritating, that he didn't change his habit. After all it would not have been more than an extra couple of meters for him to walk, taking another route. Anyway, I got an idea. I decided to see what happened if I started filling up the tiny area behind and around me with stuff. First I placed an empty cardboard box there. I waited anxious for Mr Him. As you might guess a box did not stop him at all. He just stepped over it and gave me another push in the back while he forced his way to the loo.

The next morning, when I came in early to work, I found more stuff. A small chair, some more boxes, some old PC equipment. I used it all to fill up the entire space behind me. There was absolutely nowhere to walk. I smiled to myself when I thought of Mr Him that finally had to change his habit.

When Mr Him came that morning it didn't take that long before he needed to visit the men's room. In the corner of my eye I saw him standing up, and surprisingly enough quickly walking straight against me. He did not even slow down. He just pushed some things away and and literally started climbing me and the mountain of boxes and crap. I realised that there was nothing in this world that could stop this man from taking the shortest path to the toilet. I moved away all the boxes and realised the best thing was just to let Mr Him pass behind my back. He won.

... don't read signs?
Being at the luggage pick-up- or the baggage claim area at the airport is another interesting place for studying the human race. In stead of waiting a few meters away from the baggage carousel, so that everyone can see the luggage, most people tend to push their way all the way to the front. Why care about others as long as you can see yourself? At Gardemoen (OSL), in Oslo - Norway, we even have marks on the floor showing people to wait behind the line. Do people care? Nope, not at all.

 I could have kept going for much longer, but I'll leave it there, for now.



  1. Glemte å si det til deg i dag på løpeturen - men dette var århundrets artigste post! Jeg digger den totalt!

    Jeg er vel en av de typene som er litt "sloppy" på mange ting, men akkurat det med toalettet og vaske hender er jeg helt enig med deg. Jeg er faktisk så ekstrem at jeg aldri tar i vasken eller dører på fellestoalett. Det er et problem på blindern siden de har en skyvedør. Da funker det ikke å bruke albuen for å komme ut - så jeg må alltid vente til at noen kommer inn før jeg går ut.. Når jeg sier jeg er litt "sloppy" så mener jeg vel at jeg kanskje burde vasket vinduer, kjøleskap osv oftere enn jeg gjør.

    Jævelig artig ang han karen som skal ha raskeste turen til toalettet. Jeg kjenner det så utrolig igjen! SPOT ON!

  2. Jeg er også fasinert over alle som klarer å pisse ALLE andre steder enn i doskåla... WTF!
    Lurer på åssen det hjemme hos de.

  3. Hehe, takker Ringom. Og jeg må innrømme at jeg selv er en albuåpner på offentlige toaletter, og at jeg på enkelte steder må vente på noen på vei inn før jeg kommer meg ut. Og det å treffe doskåla er langt ifra en selvfølge for mange. Virker som det går sport i å treffe utenfor.

    "If you can't aim, sit!"

  4. Det er ille nok på offentlige toaletter, men når arbeidskollegene dine er på samme måte, blir man rimelig oppgitt.

    Toaletter på arbeidsplasser kan se like grisete ut, og kolleger vasker seg heller ikke på henda. Men de bruker den samme kaffeautomaten, kopimaskinen og sitter og spiser i den samme kantina med all skiten under negla. Discusting folks.


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