Sunday, 11 March 2012


Knitting needle
Today was the day where I was supposed to do the first half marathon of the year. I did look forward to going to the Netherlands with big group of runners, but some virus wanted it different. Yesterday I was sick of being sick, so I went to the gym for some exercise. Ran for 5 km on the treadmill, started on 8.5 km/h and increased until 11.5 km/h. Ran the distance in 30 minutes and realised that skipping the race was a smart move. I still have Lørenskog fresh in mind and towards the end of the session it felt as if someone had stabbed a knitting needle straight through my chest and out my back. "Pain don't hurt" my ass.

I like having some goals. When it comes to running I don't have that many goals at the moment. I've been playing with a sub 60 sec goal on the 400 meter, but I haven't even started doing anything towards reaching this goal. If I shall make it I need to do very different training to what I do at the moment. My problem is that I want to do everything. I want to improve my 3 km, 5 km, 10 km and 21.1 km times. I want to become a better hill runner. I want to become a short distance runner. But it's not all about running either. I want to become stronger. And I should for sure become more flexible. And there is so much more I want to. Next to sports I have a million of ideas, projects and plans.

Image is everything. Truth is nothing.
One of my goals for the year was managing muscle-ups. It's one of these show-off exercises that is brilliant to do if you're an attention seeker. It looks cool, at least I think it does, and not that many people can do it. The best thing is that it looks like you have to be extremely strong to manage a muscle-up. The truth is that it's more about technique than strength though, but of course I tell that to no one. For weeks I tried but could not do it at all. The fact that I could not do it slightly annoyed me.

Very close, or not...

Timing is all off.

It's impossible for anyone, no matter strength, to do a muscle-up like this. Soon I did realise as well.

No, I'm not getting annoyed.

At least I did achieve getting both pissed and tired.

When checking out related videos on YouTube it looked so bloody easy. Seeing those guys without tees doing muscle-ups annoyed me a lot more. So I kept trying, which is what I do when I really want to achieve something,  and suddenly one day in February:

Not the best camera work, but at least I have proof (and no, no one is holding my legs)

Even though my tecnique is far from smooth yet I'm getting there. And what is important is to tell everyone that it's easy and that you managed on your first try. It's all about building your image to look like this very athletic guy managing everything. Practice this when no one is around, and don't do it in public before it looks great. After all you don't want to look like a loser. The same goes for running. I never participate in any race unless I know for certain I will finish top three. Remember that "Image is everything. Truth is nothing.".

My PB at the moment is five. This year's goal is 10. And the world record being 25, for now...

I've also done Krava Maga for a year now. It has a times been fun and at times very painful. So I've been ambivalent towards it. The main reason why I have kept training is the motivation for being able to protect myself. But since this training took up two nights a week I just had to quit. It was hard to combine with running, and everything else. And doing too much just makes me tired. That is not the official version though. It would sound week not having the capacity of doing at least five sports in parallel. So to everyone asking I'm just stating it was too easy for me, not challenging enough. Now I will have to hope I'll manage to outrun criminals in stead of fighting them off.

Mr Perfect
I also do like to write. Hence I do these posts, and have been writing online (or blogging as it's called today) for years. Why? For others to read? For me to have as a record of things that interests me? For practising my English? Yeah, guess those are valid reasons. Writing takes up a lot of time but it feels a lot more giving spending time writing than watching TV. I am creating something. And creating I love. And I like to share as well. It is different writing something others can read compared to stories no one will ever read. And people loves reading what I write as well. For every day that passed I get more readers on my blog.

It's all about how you define the x-axis. I like reading from right to left.

But of course the main reason for writing this blog is to give everyone the impression of me being perfect. Highly educated, smart, fit, fast, strong, handsome and what have you got. Without any issues, illness or weakness. The person without even a single little pimple. The well spoken and well written guy. Passionate, reflected and political correct. With a great income, an awesome job and a wonderful apartment. With a huge group of great friends, almost as perfect as me. And of course a great family. The fun guy with a wonderful life. From the moment I get up in the morning till I go to bed the sun is shining. Yeah, that is me. Mr Perfect. Strolling through life with no hardship and no unhappiness.

A perfect weekend!

And now it's time to get out. Gain some kilometres, do some muscle-ups and keep polishing the already smooth image of myself. And to all you people out there, have a wonderful Sunday. I wish you all were as perfect me. Life is so much easier then.


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