Saturday, 10 March 2012

SRM 2012 coming up

Sognsvann Rundt Medsols (SRM)
In just a few weeks time, more precisely on Wednesday 11th of April, the 12th SRM is starting up. This race is where I began running, prior to participating here I was jogging. A dark October night in 2008 I ran as fast as I could the 3258 meters around the lake Sognsvann. Now I realise that I did not run that fast at all. But everything is relative. And I had great fun, and having fun is what matters the most to me. Since that day the Wednesday runs at Sognsvann has become a habit. A habit I can not live without. SRM is currently a very important reason for my why I can't move to another country (I tried moving to Australia in 2010) or go on holidays except for in winter time. Call me crazy, but those are the facts.

My two first runs

For many months construction work has been carried out at Sognsvann. This lead to the track temporarily being changed last season. According to plan the work should have finished by now. But as so often happens this project got delayed, the workers are still not done, and they might not be before SRM season 12 starts either. As the new track is slightly changed the distance around the lake might differ from the previous 3258 meters. It's going to be interesting to see what the number will be, if the track is checked once more. The change won't be big though, maybe only a meter, if anything at all. I think the changes will make the start of the race faster, as the track will become a lot wider and straighter.

As you can see, the alternative route is longer, hence PB is harder at the moment

New goals
When goes for my goals for this coming season I have only one main goal. That is getting my shorts below 12:00 on one round. And last year the track got changed before I tried setting a new PB for that distance. Except for that I hope to improve my other times, at least a couple of them.

My records at SRM

The SRM crew
The people behind Sognsvann Rundt Medsols are fantastic. Every week, from April till October they arrange this awesome race. Without them there would be no race, so a huge thanks to all of you.

Sognsvann today
Dropped by Sognsvann today, and below are some fresh shots.

Not all the snow is gone at Sognsvann yet, here is Mrs Snow Woman skiing (she used klister wax though)

This is what the gravel road looks like, some snow, some ice but mainly water

The start area, with Heming's rock still covered by snow


Everyone are welcome to check out the new dam installation

The brand new dam, with nice steps to sit and chill out in, bet it will be crowded her in summer

The new "bridge"

The new autostrada

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