Thursday, 22 March 2012

Preliminary Race Plan 2012

From Drammensmaraton 2011, photo by Heming Leira.

Last year I participated in 52 races. This year I don't think I'll do as many. I've already signed up for a few races though. Below is my preliminary list.

The following races are booked in my calendar:
28th of April : Sentrumsløpet : 2011 report
5th of May : Råskinnet : 2011 report
12th of May : Göteborgsvarvet
9th of June : Hovlandsnuten Opp : 2011 report
22nd of June : St. Hansgaloppen : 2011 report
Mid July : The "other" race (a secret race for a few invited people)
22nd of September : Oslo Maraton : 2011 report

And then some more:
Next to the races mentioned above I might as well do Fornebuløpet, Norway Cross, Karlstad Stadslopp, Nordmarka halvmaraton, Rødtangen Rundt, Kongsvinger Maraton, Kodalmila, Halvtraver'n, Oslos bratteste, Nøklevann Rundt and Hytteplanmila. And of course, not to forget the race carousels Sognsvann Rundt Medsols, Øykarusellen and Maridalsalpenes Motbakkeløp. And since I've started the 400MP I better find some track races as well.

Let the race season begin!

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